Aedile Report


Aedile Report

As I'm sure some of you have noticed, I haven't been on IRC at all lately. I haven't dissapeared, I'm just back at school where for some reason they've decided to block IRC again. I'm smashing heads and trying to get this changed but it may take a little while. Untill you hear differently, if you need to get in contact with me then either send me a PM on the message boards, which I usully check every day, or email me, which I check many times a day.

So, what's going on in the house? First of all there's an AWOL check that's ending on Feb. 1st. Please note that if you joined the house after Jan 18th then you do not have to reply to the AWOL check. As of 10am EST Sunday these people have replied to the check:

Alanna Taldrya


Dark Sabre Taldrya

Raistline Majere

Taku "Crix" Matsuki


Tiberius Serpetium

Vodo Biask

Baron Zarco



Anik Koran

Aragon Tara Dreamwalker

Lazarus Atul

Tegan Void


That's a total of 16 people, out of 41 in the house with only 3 people being excused due to joining during the check (those 3 being Thesarus, Lennu Khan and Darne Seign). I'll be sending out another reminder the day before the check is over, just in case any of you are waiting till the last second to get your replies in.


APP Thesarus: SA to Ektrosis

APP Lennu Khan: SA to Ektrosis

APP Darne Seign: SA to Ektrosis


LS to DJK Werdna Elbee

LS to KPN Serine "Erinyes" Tenama

StA to KE Dark Sabra Taldrya

CF to OT Chaosrain


APP Darne Seign to NOV

NOV Aragorn Tara Dreamwalker to PRT

SA Courses:

Darne Seign: ACC INI, Dark Jedi Meditation, Leadership Studies, Sith Core,

Lennu Kham: AOL IM,

Aragon Tara Dreamwalker: Safe Computing, AOL IM, ICQ, Krath Grammar Studies

Razyr: ACC INI


Dreamwalker is about to start a new short fiction comp for the house. Details can be found at

Menace's Bounty Hunters comp is going on till Feb 4th. Details can be found at

In addition, there is Tal Trivia, the solo MP night, team MP night, ICTE and Sunday comps for multiplayer games that repeat every week. Check out the for more info about those comps.

If you want to run a comp all you need to do is email Chaos and myself with your idea and ask for approval. We may ask you to hold off on it for a little while, depending on what else is going on in the house and clan, but we haven't denied a comp that a member of the house has requested yet. If you want to run a clan-wide comp do the same thing except email Duga and Ben with Chaos and myself CCed. We just ask that it's approved so that we know what's going on and don't have 20 comps running one week and none the next.

That's it for this week. If there's anything that you need please email Chaos and myself and we'll take care of it.

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