Consul Report


Consul Report

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        <!-- #BeginEditable "date" -->29 January<!-- #EndEditable -->, 2006</font>  

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        ::  **From CON/DJM Sarin **  :: </font></td>
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          ******* If you notice any missing information please inform me immediately!! *******  



Note: This fiction is in no way original or created by the Author of this report. He merely stole it for purposes of announcing the new PCON.

The Silver moon of Kapsina vanished behind fingers of black clouds. Shadows ran like black water, filling up the courtyards, then climbing steadily higher, a tide of darkness rising to drown the Dark Hall of Plagueis. TwilightÂ’s despair spread over the large hangar and audience chamber, and crept like a dark stain up the walls of the exterior living quarters of the Plagueis Consul. Within the room depowered lampdisks cast shades of ghostly gray. The last glimmering touches of light cast a shadow behind a magnificent chair. This was the Iron Throne of Plagueis. Within the throne sat the new Clan Consular, Dark Jedi Master Sarin.

I have been named Kir's successor as the new Clan Plagueis Consul. Over the past two months Kir and I worked to establish a new foundation for Clan Plagueis. With the help and supreme effort of the Clan membership we completed several key projects. I am proud of the work that we accomplished and very proud of the efforts of the Clan Membership. Over the course of the next week I will release several new projects that we need to begin work on. These projects will be aimed at further solidifying our Clan's solid fictional background. We will also begin our preparations and blueprint for success in the upcoming Great Jedi War (mini). I look forward to working with all of you!

New PCON: The selection of PCON for Clan Plagueis has been one of the most difficult decisions in my Dark Brotherhood Career. Several qualified and overly qualified candidates submitted applications for the position. In the end, I narrowed the applicants down to SBM Wil Striker, Archpriest Vithril Isradia Kunar, and Archpriest Braecen Isradia Kunar. After conducting interviews and contacting references I became supremely confident that all three of these men could serve with great distinction in the position of PCON. My final decision was a very tough one because I have a very good relationship with all three of these members and respect all they have done in their varied careers; however, I had to make a choice and that choice is SBM Wil Striker. Wil and I have served together in two previous positions (in what seems a former life) and each time we have had a great deal of success. Wil's ability to finish a job on time, dedication to doing things right, and high levels of activity will serve to improve this Clan. Congrats Wil!

New HSK AED: Congrats to Kromtal on his selection as HSK AED. Kromtal received several recommendations from senior members of the Dark Brotherhood and his recent activity and leadership have been nothing short of outstanding. Congrats Kromtal!

New Report Guidelines: Reports can be such a pain in the ass, but they are also one of the few effective ways to distribute information. Starting this week, I would like to see Battle Team reports on Fridays, House Summit reports on Saturdays, and Clan Leadership reports on Sunday! Envoy report guidance will come down over the course of the next few weeks.

Kapsina: Just a reminder, I am running a competition that will decide the fictional background of our Capital Planet Kapsina. Details for the competition can be found at You are free to use your imagination and create the planet in any way you like. The only details are that it is named Kapsina and that it was once a mining planet. Thus far I have one submission from DJK Jaysun and one submission coming from Braecen.

Enhance the Logo Competition: Our Clan Logo needs some sexy font and graphics added to it. Create a bad ass graphic and have it placed on the Clan Website. Competition details at:

Website: In case you haven't visited the Clan Plagueis website lately, there are a great number of additions you should check out. I'd really like to hear some more ideas from the Clan about future projects and programs that should be added to the website!

mIRC: Once again I want to remind everyone that while our primary communication forum is through email, I still would like to see a higher mIRC presence. mIRC provides you with the opportunity to catch up on the latest gossip and news without having to wait for the weekly reports to be released. Besides, reports tend to miss or only slightly hit on the news sometimes. Come hangout and get to know your fellow brothers and sisters of Clan Plagueis. Here are but a few channels to visit relating to the Dark Brotherhood:

#DB - (Official Dark Brotherhood Channel.)

#plagueis - (Official Clan channel)

#gmrg - (For DB MP use.)

House Crests: House Summits, I am looking for House Crests, if you have access to your former Crests, please send them to me asap!

"To Do" list:

  1. Clan History

  2. Finalize Clan Possessions

  3. Finalize Clan Powers (A few modifications coming)

  4. Finalize Clan System On the website (waiting on Capital Planet)

  5. House vs House Competition

  6. Run another "code" competition

  7. Run a run-on competition with DA Spears (coming soon)

  8. Create a Circle of "Masters The Wise" (coming soon)

  9. Submit system and ask for an update to the mIRC guide to include Clan Plagueis (waiting on Capital Planet)

Super Bowl: That's all for this week. GO STEELERS!!!!!!!

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        :: **In Dark Service to the Brotherhood** :: </td>
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Remember that I have an Open-door policy, so feel free to come chat with me at any time. If it's Battleteam or House related business, please try to contact your superiors first before bringing it to my attention. If your issue is with your House/BT Leadership then feel free to come to me right away.

</p> ->

<font color="darkred">*Plagueis Consular Dark Jedi Master Sarin *</font>

<font color="darkred">""Wrath is more effective when anger ministers at her side""



                 ::Life and Death through Darkness ::  </p> <-

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 ** :: Clan Plagueis :: **</td>


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