Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Dark greetings Gladius,

This week was not so good for us, compared to the last week. But still, we could do better. Just do your best ;)


GRD Cannabis got a Crescent with Emerald Star and 3 Clusters of fire

DJK Ylith 'Valheru' Romanae got a Dark Side Scroll, a Star of Antei, a Crescent with Emerald Star and 4 Clusters of fire

NOV Kaele got a Dark Cross

OT Frosty Romanae got 8 Clusters of Fire

JH Fenn 'Argus' Ashune got 11 Clusters of Fire

Congrats to all that were awarded.

Shadow Academy

Sato Bruth'Kothae passed the AOL Instant Messenger

Ylith 'Valheru' Romanae passed the AOL Instant Messenger, the Safe Computing and the Leadership Fundamentals

Tsukiko "Taliana" Kagome passed the AOL Instant Messenger, the IRC


Ericc Corr passed the Sith Core, the Sith ISET and the Sith Tactics


Malekith Sythe'rae was promoted to Guardian

Ericc Corr was promoted to Novice


Yridian Revolt (poetry):

Yridian Revolt (writing 3):

Yridia Revolt (gaming 3):

Yridian Revolt (screenshots):

Yridia Revolt (writing 2):

Pecan Report Funny Stuff submissions:

KOTN Reaper:

The Greatest Warrior of All Times...: (nice one)

ThatÂ’s all for now, take care and be active!

DJK Dox Romanae (Obelisk)/RM-TRP/Gladius of Tarentum [ACC: SKR]

Apprentice of his Excellency, Head Master Spears Tarentae

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