Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

If you’ve ever wanted to show how much you can kick butt enter one of the many black guard competitions going now. There are plenty of competitions available just for our clan so lets get to it and make sure everyone gets the minimum entries.

Also for your viewing pleasure Muz and Halcyon are battling it out in the recent ACC Live Ladder Competition for the number one spot. They are also fighting for top spot in the Second Championship Ladder. So pull up a chair, get out the popcorn and try not to let the sweat of these two great writers get into your food as you watch and giggle in glee. :P


Congrats Jezzie on you Legion of the Scholar.

Jezzie passed Safe Computing.

Clan Wide Competitions

Sadow Dueling Competition

CNS Evil Graphics

A Black Guard for the HLK Aedile

Pazaak night at CNS

Pregnancy Mystery League 2

Rai’s in Trouble

The Battle of Jagred

Dare to Care

DB Wide Competitions

The Greatest Warrior of All Times

The ACC’s Bar Room Brawl

Making of a Hunter

Competitions ending shortly.

Upheaval in Jade Serpents Ending 1/31

Forced Alliance Ending 1/31

Sunday Tournament was yesterday and Manesh kicked butt as usual. Hopefully he will have more help for the next one.


Tetrarch Sharmin Wheyes

Tyro Jezzie

Tyro Maleish Azrael.

As sands through the hour glass these are the days of Sharmins life.

I will be sitting on the sidelines watching as Muz and Halcyon battle in ACCLive! Also I have received word that my favorite aunt has prepared a care package for me. My new competition for February will be for someone to gather this package for me. For more details look here.

I am working hard on my Dark Jedi Knight Trials so if you or anyone you know is a member of GMRG catch me on IRC so we can chat.

May Darkness be your Greatest Ally.

Sharmin Wheyes

JH Sharmin Wheyes (Krath)/TET/Ludo Kressh of Naga Sadow [ACC: SKR]

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