Consul Report


Consul Report

**Taldryan Consul Report

Report #4 - February 22, 2006**

== Taldryan News ==

Dinaari QUA

Real life can be downright bad at times can't it? Some of you may have noticed Kraval has been missing in action for awhile now. I've talked to him some on AIM and RL is being a major pain right now so Werdna is running Dinaari while Kraval is away. Good wishes to him.

New House Competitions

Both Chaos and Werdna have started a Run-on for their respective House. They are more serious run-ons, but adding humor in at times is cool. Check those out and get involved if you're up for that. 3rd level Crescents to the winners of each.

House Dinaari:

House Ektrosis:

_Tal Times: Looking for Stuff! _

All the House and Clan Summit members will be submitting stuff, but we want contributions from you the members if you are interested. Right now all the Summit members will or have submitted stuff. Thanks go out to Ziggy and DS for committing to send in something. Issue #6 will hopefully be out by the end of the month.

Previous Tal Times Issues:

_CON Comp 1-3 & 1-4 (Final Event) _

The third event of "The CON Comp Strikes Back!" finished last week. It was a song or poem writing event for Valentines. It turned out only two people participated. Kind of disappointed about that, can't get everything to go well though.

1st: Raistline (House Ektrosis)

2nd: Tiberius (House Ektrosis)

The final CON Comp is another Caption event. It started yesterday and ends Saturday, February 25. 5th level Crescents to the winners. Enjoy!


Tal Landmarks Competition Reminder

About three weeks left to work on some graphics for our Clan Headquarters and/or Initiation Temple. This is another way to leave your mark on Taldryan. Just check out the descriptions for each on the page linked and get to work. The winning pieces will be added to the Taldryan website.


== DB News ==

MAA Khan Resigns, Kaek Steps Up

DA Khan has served as Master at Arms. His long-time Praetor, Kaek, has been appointed to replace Khan. Kaek is an awesome guy as many of you know so that's good news for him. He has a no nonsense approach to things, especially all things MAA-related. Sadly though, he had to leave Clan Taldryan and House Dinaari to join the dreaded Dark Council. Good luck to you Kaek! Don't be a stranger. =P

New Gaming Tribune

Battlemaster Ma`ar-Tyrius Bruth'Kothae Ga-Tir, or better know as "Smoke20" on IRC, has been appointed as Gaming Tribune. He's already got all the backlog of Clusters out and ran a Sunday Tournament. Good luck to Smoke in the new position; he's just the person for the position.

Sunday Invitational Tournament and SIT Points

If you've been around for awhile, you know that the Sunday Tournament is a bi-weekly event which you qualify for by playing in the other Gaming days or ICTE. Now everyone should know the basics of it, but what I want to point out is the points system that goes with the SIT. For a breakdown on how you and the Clan earn points plus items that are currently available to buy with points, check the link below.


Smoke recently put up the current totals for individuals and clans. To check those out go to the next link below. After each SIT, Smoke will post the results of that event and the total points on the DB news page. If you get into playing in these, make sure to look out for those.


I was told by Smoke that the list of items to buy will be updated within the next few days. That'll include new vehicles plus other ground forces. So if you have points and want to spend some, wait a week. I will be spending some of Taldryan's points once we have a nice, updated items list. Oh and if you buy something CC me on the email you send to Smoke. I hope we can add a "Personal Possessions" page to our Clan Possessions page in time.

Training Sabers

Training Saber Tests and Training Sabers themselves have been added to the DB website. To read up on what all this includes, check the link. They're a pretty neat addition for those without the rank for a custom lightsaber.


Advancement Survey

For those between the ranks of ACO and DJK, you have a new option once you login to the DB website called Advancement Survey. This is a set of questions that helps leaders gauge how we are doing handling new members. This is a new requirement for being promoted to Protector in both House Dinaari and House Ektrosis. If you are an ACO or below, you must take the survey to move up in rank. If you are a PRT-DJK, it's open to you if you wish to do it.

Check other DB news at the DB website.

== Competitions and Such ==

Make sure you let you House leaders know about you participating in any kind of activity, DB-wide or in the Clan. Most of the time we won't hear from those running stuff unless you win and we can't give you credit for participating. The best thing to do would just email both your House QUA and AED when you do anything outside or inside of the Clan. If you are unsure your House leaders got your message, you can email myself or PCON Benevolent.

DB Wide Activities

MT Story: "Renewal"

Platform: Short Story writing

End Date: 02/28/06


MT Poem: "Loss"

Platform: Poetry writing

End Date: 02/28/06


ACCLive! Ladder

Platform: IRC and ACCLive! Hall

End Date: 02/28/2006

Awards: 2nd level Crescents and Cluster of Fires (CF)



Platform: Writing or Graphics

End Date: 03/01/2006

Awards: 2nd level Crescents


Pimp my Speeder

Platforms: Email

End Date: 3/13/2006

Awards: 4th level Crescents


Clan-Wide Activities

The CON Comp Strikes Back! (1-4) Final Event

Platform: Caption Comp on the forum

End Date: 02/25/2006

Awards: 5th level Crescents

Forum topic:

Son of a Jedi

Platform: Writing, Serious or Humor

End Date: 03/01/2006

Awards: 3rd level Crescents

Sir Capturelot

Platform: Battlefront 2

End Date: 03/06/2006

Awards: 3rd level Crescents

Tal Landmarks Competition

Platforms: Graphics

End Date: 03/13/2006

Awards: 4th level Crescents

Return of Tal Trivia

Platform: Trivia over email and on IRC, alternating weekly

End Date: 12/31/2006

Awards: Legion of the Scholar (LS)

Reporting is Fun!

Platform: For Clan/House leaders based on weekly reports

End Date: 12/31/2006

Awards: 5th up to 3rd level Crescents

House Dinaari Activities

Dinaari Run-on

Platform: Writing (Run-on) on the Clan forum

End Date: 3/14/2006

Awards: 3rd level Crescents

Ye old English

Platform: Report-based competition

End Date: 12/06/2006

Awards: Crescent with Quartz Star (Cr-1Q)

House Ektrosis Activities

One Hard Night

Platform: Writing (Run-on) on the Clan forum

End Date: 3/20/2006

Awards: 3rd level Crescents

Where is DS?

Platform: Writing, Serious or Humor

End Date: 02/17/2006

Awards: 4th level Crescents

For much more details on all these competitions check the Tal website and the DB website Our weekly gaming events that are open to all Dark Brotherhood members are also on the Tal website linked above and towards the end of this report. Remember, make sure your leaders know about anything you do!

== Promotions and Transfers ==

Wa'ash "Menace" Cruentus Jal'daan = PRT -> GRD -> JH

Draken = APP -> NOV

Sergeant = APP -> NOV

Steal Inferno = APP -> NOV

Congrats on the promos! Keep it up!

I'd like to welcome Ren'ji Zex'thul, Draken, Steal Inferno, Beldok, and Princess Angel to Clan Taldryan! I hope you all enjoy your time here and became an active part of the Clan. As you are new to the Clan, your House Envoy as well as your other leaders should be emailing you all the information you need to start with. If you ever need anything and can't think of whom to go to, contact me and I'll be glad to help you.

== In Closing ==

A bit more DB-wide happenings reported this time. I'm hoping we have more DB-wide events in the near future, if anything pops up I'll email the group ASAP. Clan and House wise, we have a good amount of activities going. The BF2 comp is one I'll be playing in more before that ends. The CON Comp is easy and open to everyone. Even the Run-ons aren't that bad just to hope in. If anything we are lacking more gaming stuff. Right now though we have the Tuesday and Thursday Gaming, ICTE, and SIT for you to play in. Hope to see more Clan-gaming related competitions in the near future.

I have one last thing to say about the Sunday Invitational Tournament. Congrats go to Werdna and Menace on their great showings this past weekend. Last weekend wasn't counted for points, but nice work and some well-earned crescents. I encourage everyone that is into gaming to at least play in something to qualify for the SIT and play in that. It earns you CFs, possible Crescents, points for yourself to use, and points for you Clan to use.

I know work for me is going to be a bit more crazy than normal for the next month. We have a ton of new promotions in my department going on all through March that'll keep things rolling. On top of that we have an inventory being done on the 9th and a big reset on the 15th. So it may be a day or two where I can't do much of anything each week. Overall though, I'll be here and still working on projects for the Clan.

Keep active, enjoy life!

_Regular Multiplayer Gaming Events -

Tuesday 1v1 Night

Multiplayer gaming night that will be held all day Tuesday in #gmrg. All DB-supported platforms will be used. Tuesdays are "solo" nights; meaning 1 vs. 1 games will be played, but anything goes really. Signup bots will not be used; you have to find matches by chatting in #gmrg or messaging people on IRC. Clusters of Fire will be awarded as usual, 1 for each win or three losses.

Thursday Team Night

Multiplayer gaming night that will be all day Thursday in #gmrg. All DB-supported platforms will be used. Thursdays are "team" nights, meaning matches can be played with at least teams of 2 vs. 2, but anything goes really. Signup bots will not be used; you have to find matches by chatting in #gmrg or messaging people on IRC. Clusters of Fire will be awarded as usual, 1 for each win or three losses.

Interclub Training Event

Multiplayer gaming night that will be held every Saturday evening in #outerrim. All DB-supported platforms will be used. Players come from DB and allied online gaming groups. Signup bots will be used, so use the !signup command on IRC to get matches in #outerrim. Clusters of Fire will be awarded as usual, 1 for each win or three losses. ICTE Website:

Biweekly Sunday Invitational Tournament

Those people who participate in at least one match in the above listed weekly multiplayer competitions will be invited to play every other week in a Tournament on Sunday. There isn't any specific structure, you just play as many matches as you would like and the person with the most wins during the day wins the Tournament. Everyone gets points for any matches they play that they can use to buy personal possessions, and the total of all the points Taldryan members earn the Clan also earns as a whole to buy cool Clan stuff!

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Summit Members -

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Clan Mailing lists -

Clan Taldryan ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

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These email addresses send messages to everyone in the Clan or House they are addressed to.

Clan Taldryan Jedi Outcast Server

IP Address:

Password: Talpwnz_

Cohors Praetoria Taldryan - Menace and James Revan

~Obelisk Prelate Duga Arkarso

Consul of Clan Taldryan

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