Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Sorry it's late and you had to wait to get your laugh so here it is

Also at the top of this so you skimmers will see it I would like to seriosuly apologise to Shan Long for my report from last week. I didn't mean to ruffle his feathers if you don't know what I mean I gave credit for creating to battle team to Tron instead of Trev (Shan Long). I apologize and hope this is in the past now


Well lets see news worthy... still working on the BT website you can get a good chuckle by looking here (


Promos? in the BT? where? falls over Nah seriously though gotta give a big hand to: (drum roll)

Tisingtao who has earned a well deserved promo to PRT everyone punch him 5 times :P

punch punch punch punch punch... punch 2 to grow on :P


Pimp my speeder sponsered by our own Rollmaster Shin

Also the CNS trivia Challengee fun easy even I did it :P

Somthing else you might have heard is that instead of a Sith War there is going to be a mini-GJW (Great Jedi War for the n00bs :P) So were gonna show out and make everyone think twice before messing with CNS (like they don't already pshaw)


my RL is going well other than it made me make this report come out late my dad was in the hospital but he's out now and doing well but my sister has the flu and I had to heed her beck and call yesterday (she'd beat me up L) yea I heard the snicker... but that's why the report was out late and Dancing with the Stars was on :P


Random website of the week (


Tetrarch Callus Bo'Amar / DJK

Tyro & Founder Shan Long / DJM

Tyro Astronicus "Tron" Sadow / DA

Tyro J'Rai Sadow / KPN

Tyro Alex d'Tana / KE

Tyro Alexandria van Drato / DJK

Tyro Syrus Korodin / JH

Tyro Raven / GRD

Tyro Tsingtao / PRT

Tyro Malak / ACO

Tyro Solomon Kent / ACO

Tyro TBD N/A

Have a great weekend and don't do anything I "would" do :P

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