Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Greetings Everyone.

This is my first official day as Krath Tetrarch for BT Keto's Vengance. So far on a joint effort between me and Guardian Kromtal Stormfyld (your beloved AED) we have added 5 people to the roster. There are a few people that I am aiming for, but as of now, we have almost a full team. With no further ado, here is my first report for BT Keto's Vengance :)

We have a few people who have recently joined us.

Please welcome;

APP Osion

APP Count Inferno

ACO Warhammer

NOV Sakh nhem

OT Jaysun Adumarii

Shadow Academy Courses

We have two members that have completed SA Courses, since I became leader (sorry if you are left out)

APP Count Inferno succesfully completed the Sith Core.


PRT David Locke has successfully completed the Test of Wisdom.

Congrats to you too.

Words from me.

Keep up the good work everyone, and make sure to keep trying to recruit people. This team will do a lot in the near future, and it will help you become a better leader. I wish you all a good day, and keep working on getting those medals, promotions, and SA courses!

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