Aedile Report


Aedile Report


Another week has gone by... another solid performance turned out by House Exar Kun. Just solid... not great, excellent or superb... but solid! We dominated the Clan competition for the Warbanner - Taking all but 1 medal that was awarded in that... good work folks! However, I would like to see more people give a lil more to bolster the Clan and House's activity levels! Anyways... I have a report to entertain you with... lets go!

Shadow Academy

We only had four participants this week... but lets give major props to Viktor, Braecen, Galaphile and Dark Rambo!

Galaphile and I completed Lightsaber Basics - this truly is an easy SA credit folks - and it is fun!

Dark Rambo completed IRC Basics (and got promoted to Acolyte for it!)

Viktor did the most challenging course: Safe Computing. For this he is 'Scholar of the Week.' Congrats young one!

As always, I remind new members that 10 SA courses in a month tags you some serious honors and gets you your first Merit medal. For those of you that have been around a while... complete 25 courses and get a Star of Antei.

Antei Combat Center

OT Drodik vs. DJK Ylith; victor... Drodik!

DJK Thran vs. DJK Kaylesha; victor... Thran!

OT Drodik vs. DJK Sagara;victor... Sagara :-(

I read the latter of those three battles and while I am no expert on the ACC; I must admit Drodik was just, 'just', a few mistakes from another win. As always folks... I encourage you to participate in the ACC. Not only will it give your writing the following traits: realism, continuity, style, conciseness. But as you build up your wins you gain additional points for your Character Sheet - that is big stuff!

Also... it doesnt hurt that I will give you a merit medal when you hit 10, 20, 30 and 40 wins! So lets do it to it... oh yea, and... I'll be accepting all matches against me for the next 3 weeks!

New Members

I dont know how many times I have said this... but while the older members keep the Club alive. It is the younger members that revolutionize our way of thinking and bring in new skill sets to help us grow... or maintain the flow. So lets give a warm welcome to the newest additions to House Exar Kun!

Krath Apprentice Physil Koda

Obelisk Apprentice Horn Ravr


PRT Dorn - 10 CFs

SW Schisca - 6 CFs

OT Drodik - 1 CF

ACO Rambo - 3 CFs

DJK Venquis - 6 CFs

DJK Thran - 1 CF

DJK Aabsdu - 75 CFs

So you can see we have been quite active on the gaming fronts... I apologize for my absence in the ring - been busy with the Chroncile. But by the first of the new month, I'd really like to see you guys dust off your old copies of JA and come join us in the ring! Not only do you get CFs... but they help you accrue promotion/award points quicker because it is a sign of consistant activity!

As always... Tues/Thurs Gaming Nights are in #gmrg

ICTE starts Saturdays at 12pm EST in #outerrim

And keep your eyes peeled for Sunday Tourneys in #gmrg


Some of you might have heard me earlier... in the Clan Warbanner competition... Vir took 1st, Drodik and I tied for second and Famosus got a 3rd. These were 3rd level crescents... so we all rock!

I also went through and handed out some merit awards like it was no one's business this past week... recepients were basically paid up for their latest contributions to House, Clan and Brotherhood.

Dark Crosses: Rydack, Galaphile, Dorn

Stars of Antei: Virulence, Scorpius, Braecen

Upcoming competitions?

I am giving everyone a break at the House level right now... there are tons of Brotherhood wide competitions and Clan competitions that people can get active in! But do not worry, we have an Epic coming soon at the BT level... so if you want in on the next batch of goods (awards) join a Battle Team today!


Some changes are going to occur soon, I ask that everyone keep an open mind and open heart. We are in a transitional period right now as a Clan - we all know we have the talent to do GREAT things, but we have yet to live up to that potential. We have to nurture it and bring it along ever so slowly... even if it is pushing yourself to sign onto IRC one more time a week!

Think about it... until next week!

Braecen Isradia Kunar

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