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Soooooo... I've been working on the robes system, and I recently got a go ahead to make replacement

class-based (journeymen/equite/elder) robes for the time between now and the release and recoding of the whole

system. Those won't take too long to do, and should be up in the next week or two. Woo! And since you all

love eye-candy, I thought that I'd show you all the female robes kit I showed people in #DB the other


Female robes

Yes, the new custom robes will include sets for our lady Jedi out here. It's That involved. At current,

there are 16 base kits, three types of belts, about 30 colours of fabric, several styles of boots, five or six

cloaks/outer robes (which are optional), and a bunch of other stuff. So yeah, it's going to rock and rock


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They're done, they're released, and they are only a few steps away for everyone. If you are already qualified

in the ACC (and if not, do so, please!), all you have to do is log into the DB site and take a short multiple

choice exam. It's a cake walk. And then, you will get a spiffy training saber applied to your dossier.

(Unless you are of the rank to have a real saber, in which case, you'll retain the old one you had)<p>


Okay. You heard about them, but i only showed you 4 last report. So, I'll show you some more.

the Orator model(DJK+1)

the Heirloom model

the Seraph model

the Trophy model

the Legion model(DJK+1)

the Martyr model

the Prodigal model

the Duelist model(DJK+1)

the Redeemer model

So... Drool now, and work your little butts off so you can get knighted (or higher for the advanced models).


Custom Saber Delivered!


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Just a note, I show most of the ones I do in my reports. If I don't point at yours, My praetor most likely took care of it for me. So take a moment and say thanks to Shin'Ichi. He's really talented, and has been backing me up in the HRLD office so I can do big projects for some time now.

And on with the eye candy.




Lorien Sinclair Dupar

Taku "Crix" Matsuki

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Not much on this front honestly. I've been working a LOT on robes and a few medal redesigns for us all...No, i have nothing to show just yet on that front, so just settle down. Trust me, there going to be sweet. But i am in the stages of a Lightsaber custom guide, as well as a very cool expansive Saber construction guide with the help from the Lord Hegemon's office... and that will end up being tres cool.<p>

-> <- <p> Prop Auction!

Maybe you love Boba Fett so much that you'd want a replica of his rifle... or maybe you'd want one of the AT-AT models used in the holy trilogy... Or maybe you'd just like to watch the prices get out of control. At any rate, some cool items are set to hit eBay come March second. The list of items can be found here: Hollywoodheroes.com<p>

Star Wars Live action TV show details

"The other project is live action, and the live action is going to take place between Episode 3 and Episode 4. We're looking at a 1 hour show and [Producer] Rick McCallum has said the ideal would be to come up with 100 hours to really get into the story line and characters, and that's the direction we're going in. So that is really targeted more towards the end of the decade." --LucasFilm's Steve Sansweet.

Read the whole interview here where things like the new Clone wars 3d cartoons, etc.<p>

Nad that seals this report off. Have fun out there.

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nice work Muz and Shi'nichi good job both of you

/me shows everyone his Orator saber >:P

How do you select the new sabers?

The Coders are working on replacing the existing Flash thing (Accessible under the current 'Modify/create your saber' option when you log into the site) with a new selector code that will update your saber to a new graphic. I don't kow where that is on the list of things that they have to do, but it'll probably be done in the next few weeks.

Those sabers look awesome. I can't wait to switch over to a Duelist.

Those sabers look awesome. I can't wait to switch over to a Duelist.

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