Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Drodik walked into his new office. Similar to the one he had as AED of House Bane, the layout was just about the same. Sitting himself down in a chair behind his desk he plopped his feet up top and grabbed for his datapad. Pressing a series of buttons he began writing his report.


Greetings House Exar Kun,

Hey everybody, its me the fun and lovable Drod of Ik. As you all are aware of, I am the new Rollmaster and Envoy of House Exar Kun. There won't be any HUGE changes so don't worry. My primary goal will to be to strengthen the members PRT and below and get them ready for further advancement. Its an exciting time to be in the DB as well as the House or Clan because there will be many cool things going on. So heres my first report as Rollmaster hopefully there will be many more to come so......enjoy!!


I have a project that will be implemented to the members below PRT so keep your ears open for that. You'll hear more as things progress.

There is a run-on going on currently, its been rather quiet for a while which shows lack of interest I encourage you ALL to go participate it can be found here:

Lets get down and dirty with all the awards from this past week I am completely amad at how much this House has earned and im really proud of you all so here we go:

Aabsdu: an AMZING 77 Clusters of Fire congrats. As well as an Emerald Crescent and 2 Saphire Crescents.

Schisca: 9 Clusters of Fire congrats!

Virulence: Placed first in the Warbanner comp and earned an Amethyst Crescent Congrats

Braecen: Tied for second and earned a Saphire Crescent nice Job. And got a Star of Antei excellent!

Drodik: I tied with Braecen for Second and got a Saphire Crescent. And a Topaz Star, as well as 1 CF woot me!!

Thran Occasus: Got a Topaz Star. And 1 CF.

Famosus:Tied for third and got an Emerald crescent

Tolter: Tied for third and got an Emerald Crescent.

Dorn Ravr: Got 1 CF good job!

Dark Rambo: Got 2 CF's Nice!

Thats all the awards if I missed any please do contact me so I can update it.

Shadow Academy: The Shadow Academy is among the easiest waysd to garner a promotion. It is highly recommended that all members stay active in the SA and continue to do the exams held there. Here are those that passed such exams in the recent week:

Horn Ravr: Completed the ACC initiates Exam good job!

Dark Rambo: Completed the IRC basics exam nice!

Viktor Pacescoras: Passed the Samfe Computing exam nice for ya.

Thats all and once again if I missed any please do tell me.

Thats all the Awards and Shadow Academy stuff for the week. Now on to the RM stuff:

I want to welcome these members in to the House they have already done an outstanding job and I continue to hope to see thy're advancement, here they are:

Physil Koda and Horn Ravr

Welcome to House Exar Kun and Clan Plagueis

Envoy stuff:

Nothing new to announce other than that those new members and those struggling members should go to the Clan Promotional guidelines. These are they BEST and absolute ways to advance here is the link:

Thats it, theres no ther news other than to stare at my awesome looking saber on my dossier. So thats all. I am guessing it is safe to assume that all the summits have an "open door" policy...I DON"T, you have to KNOCK first >:P have a good weekend everyone.

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