Aedile Report


Aedile Report

**Aedile Report

House Satal Keto

GRD Kromtal Stormfyld

February 25, 2006**

Welcome to another action packed edition of the Satal Keto Aedile's report, now with 2x more BS and 1/2 less information! Nah, just kidding...I'm still gonna be bringin' da noise and keeping it real, yo!

First announcement this week is that our battleteam has finally gotten itself a leader, congratulations go out to Protector Reshiand Tolter for being chosen for the position. Also of note was that in the interest of changing and revitalizing the team we've also renamed it. Say goodbye to Team Satal's Requiem and hello to Team Keto's Vengeance. Tolter is still accepting members to his team, so if you're interested just hit me up with an email and I'll see to it that you're added to the team.

A team has been selected to create the description for Morroth, House Satal Keto's planet. I expect to begin work on this very soon, those of you on the team shall receive an email from me within the next day regarding plans to get to work. Sarin has extended our deadline on this project to March 10, and I see no reason why we shouldn't get it done by that day.

And now, on to the statistics :P



None, hooray!


APP Osion

APP Count Inferno


PRT Tolter >> Krath Tetrach/Keto's Vengeance

APP Count Inferno >> Sith Flight Member/Keto's Vengeance

ACO Sakh nmen >> Sith Flight Member/Keto's Vengeance

OT Jaysun Adamarii >> Obelisk Trooper/Keto's Vengeance

ACO Warhammer >> Sith Flight Member/Keto's Vengeance

APP Osion >> Sith Flight Member/Keto's Vengeance


None :(


OP Warhunter Arawn Entar > CFx8, CR-2E

PRT Reshiand Tolter > CR-1E

Shadow Academy

GRD Kromtal Stormfyld > G:SC

ACO Kal Vorrac > O:CORE, G:IRC

SBL Vessicant > G:TS

ACO Warhammer > G:TS, G:IRC

ACO Sakh nmen > G:IRC

APP Count Inferno > S:CORE

PRT David Locke > U:TW

That's it for me this week, KS out!

GRD Kromtal Stormfyld (Sith)/M:HM-AED-EP/Satal Keto of Plagueis [PA: MJ] [ACC: INI]



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