Aedile Report


Aedile Report

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Dinaari AED Report 26/2/06

(Sorry this is out a day late. The DJB mailing lists went down on Saturday so I had to wait until today)

_As you'll see in the news items below, Kraval has stepped down as QUA of Dinaari due to real-life to become a regular Dinaari member again. It'll be a while until he is active again...and personally I can't wait for that day to come! _

_For all of you, little has changed. We're still moving forward, showing up other houses and having a fun time doing it. _

_Looking at March, expect more variety in ways of getting active. We are going to try and get you to play some of the more obscure Star Wars gaming platforms (BF2, RC, XvT/XWA, EaW), new forms of writing competitions and activity will start, the website will be turned into a useful focal point for members, and an attempt will be made to make the most out of our mailing list and message boards for communication. _

No one, NO ONE, will have nothing to do.

AED/DJK Werdna Elbee

Dinaari News

Kraval steps down from QUA position

It is with great regret that I have to announce that our leader DJK Kraval Novir has stepped down as QUA of Dinaari. Real-life takes us all away from activity in the DJB at one point of another and sadly it is Kraval's turn. We'd like to thank Kraval for all his work. Kraval remains with us as a Dinaari member and we hope that he'll be active again as soon as possible.

A new QUA has not been found yet. Duga and Ben are on the case! Until then I'll be keeping the seat warm for our next leader just as the past few weeks... so it's business as usual.

Syn Kaek New MAA

This is pretty old news now but it was announced after the last report. Once of our members, SWL Syn Kaek, has been promoted to the position of Master At Arms. While no longer on our roster he's still one of us! Congratulations on the promotion!!!

Envoy On Leave

Dinaari's Envoy, DJM Pyralis, is on leave until the 4th March. Until then your overworked Aedile will happily deal with his workload too. If you need the envoy for anything both email [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Reporting Activity

I'm still on your ass about this. I don't know what you're doing if you don't tell me. I want mini-reports every other week by all of you stating what you've been up to.

"You didn't do it unless you email me about it"

Promotion Tasks

Dinaari's promotion guidelines point out that to gain certain ranks you have to complete individualised tasks. At the moment, everyone that is ready to start their task has been given one to do. Most tasks need a certain amount of commitment and I have to be sure you'll have the time to carry it out. If you need a task to be promoted, yet haven't got one yet, then please email me once you are ready to begin your task.

Promotion Guide -

Dark Jedi Trials -

New Submission Guidelines to Writers' Corner

New Members

Lets give a big welcome to APP Princess Angel and APP warick desali who have just joined Dinaari.


Please, please, please, please, please email me about your activity. I don't need an email for every time you do something but keep me informed. I may well notice that you have been active, but I can't be everywhere and you should email me or else it won't be put into your records. The odd quick report would be nice and cc: any submissions.

"You didn't do it unless you email me about it"

I haven't tried my new thing with my activity reports yet. I'm going to try it into a competition I'm going to start next month.

ACO cypher371

22/02/06 - Going to be on leave (for the most part) for GCSEs

18/02/06 - Passed Training Saber Course

DJK Fire-Knight

21/02/06 - Passed Training Saber Course

21/02/06 - Completed Advancement Survey

PRT James Revan

25/02/06 - Competed in ACC Match

23/02/06 - Competed in ACC Match

23/02/06 - Awarded Legion of the Scholar (LS) ...Tal Trivia

19/02/06 - Passed Training Saber Course

19/02/06 - Completed Advancement Survey

NOV Nadaz

22/02/06 - Awarded 4 Cluster of Fire ...2/21/2006 Gaming Night

<font size="2">GRD Apollyon "Odium" Dinaarius</font><font size="2">

</font>25/02/06 - Passed Leadership Studies Course

25/02/06 - Competed in ACC Match

20/02/06 - Entered Poetry Monthly Topic

20/02/06 - Entered Story Monthly Topic

16/02/06 - Completed Advancement Survey

APP Princess Angel

19/02/06 - Promoted to APP

19/02/06 - Passed Test Of Lore

19/02/06 - Joined Dinaari

19/02/06 - Joined DB

<font size="2">DJM Acxodim "DV" Pyralis</font><font size="2">

25/02/06 - Awarded 2 Cluster of Fires ...ICTE 18/02/2005

21/02/06 - On leave until 4th March</font>

SBM ShadowHawk

21/02/06 - Got in contact. Would like to have more ways of communicating with Dinaari to suit current free-time

20/02/06 - Got in contact. Real Life is busy. Still on LoA.

<font size="2">DJK Tarax Eosphoros Kor</font><font size="2">

</font>25/02/06 - Awarded Legion of the Scholar (LS) ...1st place Saturday Trivia

25/02/06 - Awarded 3 Cluster of Fires ...ICTE 18/02/2005

23/02/06 - Awarded Legion of the Scholar (LS) ...Tal Trivia

APP warick desali

22/02/06 - Promoted to APP

22/02/06 - Passed Test Of Lore

22/02/06 - Joined Dinaari

22/02/06 - Joined DB

<font size="2">DJK Werdna Elbee</font><font size="2">

</font>25/02/06 - Awarded 1 Cluster of Fires ...ICTE 18/02/2005

25/02/06 - Awarded 3 Cluster of Fire ...2/23/2006 Gaming Night

22/02/06 - Awarded 3 Cluster of Fire ...2/21/2006 Gaming Night

20/02/06 - Awarded Crescent with Sapphire Star (S) ...1st in 2/19/2006 SIT BF2

20/02/06 - Awarded 6 Cluster of Fire (CF) ...2/19/2006 SIT

GRD Zhilvinas

21/02/06 - Passed AOL Instant Messenger

20/02/06 - Passed Training Saber Course

20/02/06 - Got in contact. Going to get more active. Posted on message board.

Clan/House Competitions

House Run-on - Space Battle

Take part in a big space battle against a large organisation of pirates working in Taldryan Space.

Feel free to focus on your own fights, or to move the larger story along. You after all are one of the poor sods stuck in the middle of the fight. So each section can be from a different point of view.

Results will take into account quality as well as quantity of posts.

You have until the 14th March to keep adding to it. There are 3rd level crescents on offer.

Tal Landmarks

Specifics: The members of Clan Taldryan are asked to make graphics to go with our Clan Headquarters and Initiation Temple descriptions listed here.

The best graphics will be used on the Clan website with the information above.

4th level crescents are on offer for the best submissions. You have until 13th March to get your entries in.

*Son of a Jedi : Writing Competition *

"Knock, Knock." "Who's there?" "Hi Mr. Jedi, I'm your son."-

How? When? Where? And with who did this happen? Or isn't this little boy your son at all?

2 pages minimum

Times New Roman 12

End Date: 1st March

Platforms: Writing: Serious or Humour

Awards: 3rd level Crescents

Submit to Aragorn Tara Dreamwalker ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) in .doc or .txt format.

*Sir Capturelot *

Tarax is running a BF2 competition until 6th March. Simply put, you get points for participation against other members of Clan Taldryan and the DJB. Complicatedly put, you can go to for more details :o)

All matches are to be reported to Tarax at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and must include: your Name, PIN/Dossier #, who you played, and a screenshot FROM BOTH/ALL* Tal members who played.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Competitions


DA Spears wants to increase his Lightsaber collection. Being a lazy sod he wants you to do it (yeah okay, not his words but close enough :o)

In return for you creating graphical lightsabers and stories about creating or acquiring lightsabers (1 page minimum), you'll get a treat from his supply of precious stones (2nd level crescents). You have until the 1st March to enter.

Monthly Topic

MT Story: “Renewal” –

Write about an event your character faced which led to a deeper connection to the Dark Side, either through victory or defeat.

One page, TNR at 12 pt. .rtf or .doc

MT Poem: “Loss” –

Write about any loss your character has suffered

Any style, ten lines or more, TNR at 12 pt. .rtf, .txt, or .doc

Please send your submissions to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] , [Log in to view e-mail addresses] , and [Log in to view e-mail addresses]
by Feb. 28th.

Interclub Training Event (ICTE) : Multiplayer ALL Platforms

Every Saturday in #outerrim between noon and midnight (EST). That's 5pm til 5am for those of you on GMT.

ALL Star Wars platforms are used. Please read the website before you first compete...there is a signup bot that must be used to arrange matches and the site will explain how to use it.

Tuesday and Thursday Multiplayer Gaming : All Platforms

If you go to #gmrg on a Tuesday (1am til 11.59pm EST ...all day) you'll find a solo multiplayer competition for 1v1s and in #gmrg on a Thursday (all day again) for team-based multiplayer (CTF, 2v2, etc).

There is no signup bot in #gmrg ...just get chatting to arrange a match yourself.

Sunday Tournament: All Platforms

is the Sunday Tournament. If you have taken part in either the Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturdays ICTE gaming competitions you are elibible to play in the Sunday Tournament. It is In #gmrg on a Sunday (8am til 11.59pm EST). Medals and possession points are on offer as well as the usual CFs.

There is no signup bot in #gmrg ...just get chatting to arrange a match yourself.

*Antei Combat Centre *

Always on offer is the ACC where you can go kick some ass in a friendly 1v1 run-on. There are quite a few Shadow Academy courses about ACC that you'll have to do first, so you can set up your character sheet, learn the rules and do a training match before you get into the complicated world of ACC proper.

<font size="2"></font><font size="2"> </font>

DJK Werdna Elbee

DJK Werdna Elbee (Krath)/AED-DV/Dinaari of Taldryan

SC-SoA / StA / DC-KC / (SN) / (BNB) / Cr-3S-1E-2T / CF-BlF / LSAg

{SA: U:TL - G:LS - G:IRC - G:MSN - G:HTML1 - G:AIC - G:AS}

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