Aedile Report


Aedile Report

House Galeres Aedile report for 27/2/2006

Archean’s News from the frontline

Greetings Galeres! Great to see a lot of activity the last few weeks, gaming wise, Shadow Academy wise, a lot of people have taken the advancement survey which is excellent to see!

Ylith has become Aedile of HOO, congrats!

In other news...

A few people have transferred into Galeres, (I know its late, im sorry :P) Welcome to Buffy, Sashar, Nik-Qui-Kux, StormGhost, Sucker Nader, dark vodo, Mocap, xorazh Ioror, Storm, Arius Soulthief and Nexus

Galeres need Battle Team Leaders and Battle Team Members, if you have the drive, the ability, the passion to lead our BT’s to victory or want to be a part of a team, please email me and Quejo!

Arcona’s last Squadron names are posted in the Arcona Message Board! Everyone go there and vote for your favorite names!

Halc is on a leave of absence again.

Strategos is back from his LoA.

Welcome to our new arrivals, hope you all have an enjoyable and fun experience!


Quejo: StA, DC, CF

Archean: StA, CF, CSS

Tritherus: DC

Akhara: DC, StA

Kale: DC

Odin: CF

Esca: LS, CES

Ark: CSS

Magus: CTS, CF


Mocap ACO

StormGhost GRD


These are some comps that are still running, go nuts!

The House has a few comps

Galeres Caption Comp!


Galeres Word Search

SA Exams:

Akhara: Krath Core, Training Saber

Odin: Safe Computing, Training Saber, AOL

Kale: Sith Core, Training Saber

Sashar: Alchemy basics

Dark Hunter:

Esca: ACC Initiates Course

StormGhost: Safe Computing, Lightsaber Basics

Dark Hunter: Training Saber

Archean: Training Saber, Advancement Survey

Shadow Stalker: Advancement Survey, Krath Run On, ACC Initiates Course, Training Saber, Leadership Applications, MSN Messenger, Leadership Studies

Mocap: ACC Initiates Course, AOL, Test of Wisdom, Training Saber

Dark Vodo: ACC Initiates Course, Training Saber, Leadership Applications, Alchemy basics, Advancement Survey

Oran: Advancement Survey

Magus: Training Saber, IRC basics, AOL, HTML basics, Safe Computing

Kandos: Training Saber, Lightsaber Basics, ACC Initiates Course

Ark: Training Saber

Quejo: Training Saber

Excellent to see all these tests passed! Great job everyone!

A great few weeks here, keep up the great work and lets make Galeres great!

Dark Jedi Knight Archean Vasarius Bruth’Kothae

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