Aedile Report


Aedile Report

A Hello from the HLK Aedile!

With a bit of delay.. my report. Hurray!

It had been quite a stressfull week at work for. And there will be more to come as far as I know. ;o)

Still I have found a new (old) hobby... dancing. Since I have danced for more than a decade ballet, I was sure that my next hobby would also have to do something something with dancing. And I picked belly dance, since my mother is a professional belly dancer. I got some practising clothes from my mom and immediately put them on. "Snap" fotos were taken and I attached one of them :P

Yeah that's me.

And now to something completely different - the DB.

IRC presence

Some of you may not be aware that our clan members talk a lot via IRC. You don't know how to use it? What to do?

It is quite simple to use. A client can be found here:

You simply need to install it.

After that, start the software and open your options.

Step 1 (see attached screenshot irc_01.gif for an example)

  • your full name (doesnt need to be your real name)

  • an email address

  • a nickname (maxlength = 15)

  • an alternate nickname

Step 2 ( irc_02.gif )

  • choose the Undernet as the server. You may choose additonally a random Undernet server or a specific one. It doesn't matter. Sometimes a server is offline. You need to disconnect and simply try another one

  • connect via the connect button ( irc_02a.gif )

Step 3 ( irc_03.gif)

  • enter the channel name and press the button "join".

Step 4

Start to talk. Simply type in your message and press "Return" to send it. And enjoy the insanity of our clan =)

My new Black Guard

Finally I have been able to choose my Black Guard. Believe me, it was a hard decision for me. If I could, I would have more than one Black Guard now. But this is not the way it goes and the winner is Daihok.

Second place is Acara. Third place goes to Mifune.

Daihok's story is up in the library. Acara's will soon follow - untill I managed to clean it from some typos. ;o)

I will try to get those medals being handed out as soon as possible!

Battle Teams

Oh we still need people in our Battle Teams. Who wishes to join? Simply write me [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or Macron [Log in to view e-mail addresses] an email - if you wish to join or have questions. Being part of a Battle Team opens more chances for activities - and we all know what activity brings: Medals and promotions.

These are our Battle teams. If your name is listed in none, you can join:


1 new story is up for your pleasure to read.

The library can be found here:

Daihok - Black Guard Competiton "Know Your Enemy?"

I am always willing to add more good stories. Send them to me [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Here again the updated list of competitions:

A list can be found under

Clan wide competitions

(CNS) Dare to Care.

End Date: 2/28/2006

Making of a hunter

End Date: 3/1/2006

Black Guard Trials

End Date: 3/6/2006

The Battle of Jagred

End Date: 3/19/2006

Sadow Duelling Competition

End Date: 3/20/2006

DB wide competitions:

Feb MT:Poetry

End Date: 2/28/2006

Feb MT:Story

End Date: 2/28/2006


End Date: 3/1/2006

The Greatest Warrior of All Times...

End Date: 3/3/2006

Pimp my Speeder

End Date: 3/13/2006

ACCLive! February Mayhem

End Date: 3/31/2006


Calique Nor Lexu to Acolyte (formerly known as urameshi)

Tylanni to Protector

Riv "Rage" Monn to Guardian

Jezzie to Guardian

We also have new "old" members: Xayun (who is now my apprentive) and Lex. Welcome back.

There are also two new members: Pa'r and Evil_Yoda.


Manesh and Morg together with Sharmin and Ruach got some tons of Cluster of Fires.

Sharmin got a Star of Antei and a Crescent Saphire.

And Shin'ichi got a Grand Cross. Sooo coooool!

If I forgot anyone in this list... SORRY! Really! Send me an email and I will correct it immediately!

That's all for now =)



KP Xia Long (Krath)/AED/Ludo Kressh of Naga Sadow

SC-SoA / StA-LS / DC-KC / Cr-3A-3S / LSB

{SA: U:TL - G:LS - G:LF - G:HTML1 - G:LS}

Krath Priestess Sildrin Rys-Hastur

Aedile of House Ludo Kressh of Clan Naga Sadow

Xia Long, Apprentice to Shan Long

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