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April Fools, kids. And now that it's over, I'm back on my medication. :P <p>

Se7en Day War Over!

There was a lot of support for this competition. 201 Clusters of fire were awarded, and it was about awesome. I personally bought this game just to play in this comp, and it was more than worth it, in my opinion. ANyway, for the results:

Taking First place, with a record of 12 wins and 7 losses, is Wa'ash "Menace" Cruentus Jal'daan. He is getting a Cresent with Ruby Star for his work. Behind him is Benevolent Whiner, who had an 8/1 record, and Chaosrain with a 5/1 record. What we call that, ladies and gentlemen, is a Taldryan Sweep.

As for Clan totals, Taldryan won the overall by a landslide.

Taldryan 48 games

Plagueis 14

Dark Council 8

Arcona 7

Naga Sadow 4

Scholae Palatinae 0

Tarentum 0<p>

I put in for the medals waaay late last night, so they're on their way already. I'll have a 'Deed' for the territories That Taldryan won by next report, so you can have something cool for your website. ;) <p>

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I've been sketching out ideas as to some of the new options that will be available in the new custom lightsaber rules. The guide will probably be done in a few months, as the other work (robes, etc) all will take a while to get cleared.<p>

Custom Sabers Delivered!

Desio Predator

Anshar Khan Tarentae

Vithril Isradia Kunar

Ma`ar-Tyrius Bruth'Kothae Ga-Tir

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Just as an aside, I'm going to be working up a few new ideas and templates for the Warbanners in a few months. This is because someone showed me a really cool idea that can't work under the current system, but was so cool, i have to figure out how to make things work out. <p>


Xaviar Yaroslav 'Guadalupe' Atjail

Kromtal Stormfyld (just an edit)

Spears (just an edit)
there were a few others, but i lost track of them. :P <p>

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Still working away on these.

Manipulator Robes

These are the manipulator robes (which the GMs presently have). They will be available to those in the Elder class and in a variety of colors in the final release.

The 'Final Release' i keep talking about is a huge project. There's going to be literally hundreds of options to choose from. (and my old computer is hating on me for doing that many alternatives) SO yeah, it seems slow going, but rest assured that i am working on it. ;)


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