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Proconsul Report

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  :: Clan Plagueis PCON Report :: </td>

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        <!-- #BeginEditable "date" -->02 April<!-- #EndEditable -->, 2006  

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Clan Plagueis

        **If you see anything missing, let me know.**  




Greets, another productive week, but lately I'm concerned with the lack of progress by some of our Apprentices. Many should by now be a Novice, Acolyte, or a Proctector. I'd like to see the Envoys make a concerted effort this week to help guide these younglings to higher Journeyman ranks. The proof of the effort will be in the flood of promotion approvals in my inbox by next weekend! ;)

The Grand Master has announced the creation of a "Ask the MC" forum on the Dark Brotherhood Message Boards. You may post any questions, concerns, or other matters for the DC to provide feedback on. This is NOT, I repeat, is NOT a forum for bitching out the Dark Council. Sorry, just had to say it, because you just know that if it isn't said, then somebody would come back and say; "But I didn't know that!" :P

I'm very pleased to see the continue evolution of new competitions within the Clan. I myself have started a new one that begins today! It is titled, "How would a DJK party?" and allows each member to submit a fictional story about how they partied, or would party, upon receiving the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. Anyone can participate, from Apprentice to Dark Jedi Master, as long as you are a member of Clan Plagueis. If this is successful enough then I will consider creating more monthly fiction competitions that allow you to explore your character in more depth. This competition is setup to allow for a total of 20, (Count them, 20!) medals!! Check out the details below in the "Competitions" section!!!

Welcome back to DJK Orzon who returns to CP after a short stay in the Rogue. He definitely came back ready for duty, in the week he's been back he's completed 6 SA Courses and won a Crescent with Emerald Star! Not a bad way to return to active duty!! ;)

I'd like to formally welcome ALL of our recent Apprentice additions to the Clan. You guys have chosen a great Clan to serve in, and quickly you'll learn that we not only reward activity, but we provide many Uber ways to help you be active and earn additional activity awards! Through this you will also have the opportunity to advance to higher ranks, and then eventually become attached to one of our many Masters to be his Student/Apprentice, which will allow you to proceed more smoothly and faster to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight! If your unsure what you should do to begin advancing in rank, contact your House Envoy, of ir the Envoy is unavailable, contact your House QUA and/or AED. They'll be more than happy to help guide you. You can also find the full details on how to get promoted on the Clan website at (pre Dark Jedi Knight Promotion Guidelines). Check them out today!!

My personal thanks to all House Summit and Envoys for the speedy submission of your reports this week. I just wanted you all to know that I noticed! ;)

Results for the Monthly SA and ACC Clan Competitions will be announced in a short while after the final results are tabulated. Remember, the competitions restarted on April 1st, so you all have another chance to win the top prizes in these competitions! Plus, you also have the opportunity to be rewarded in other ways by your Summits for this activity. Double the rewards, double the fun!! :)

I must say that I AM diappointed by the low turnouts each week for the Plagueis Caption Contest. The average has been 6-8 people each week, and out of a Clan of 90 people, I have to say that's a pretty poor turnout. Don't think that just because there's only three awards that you can't win. Submit an entry and find out, yours could be one of the top three best for that week! You can find the new weekly image at (Plagueis Caption Contest Images). Summits, you can also find the lists of those that participate each week posted there as well.

The Clan Summit is still seeking an experienced PHP coder to assist with the Clan website. If you are able, or know someone who is, please inform DJM Sarin.

Several new Master/Student pairings were made this week. I'm pleased to see more of our Masters taking an interest in the future of our Journeymen. This will allow us to work closer towards our goal of increasing our strength and overall power as a Clan!

I believe that submissions for the March Edition of the Plagueis Chronicle are still being accepted until April 3rd, which is tomorrow. Braecen please feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken, but I thought I'd read that date somewhere. Remember, now is a good time to also begin planning submissions for the April edition! Submissions can be sent to ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])!

<font color="darkred">****</font>




Medal Awards

DJM Sarin (Sith) - Legion of the Scholar (LS) x2

PRT David Locke (Sith) - Crescent with Quartz Star (Q)

PRT Count Inferno (Sith) - Dark Cross (DC)

PRT Ky Terrak (Obelisk) - Dark Cross (DC)

GRD Lorien Sinclair Dupar (Sith) - Cluster of Fire (CF) x2

SW Aabsdu Dupar al'Tor (Sith) - Star of Antei (StA)

KAP Braecen Kunar (Krath) - Star of Antei (StA)

GRD Reshiand Tolter (Krath) - Dark Cross (DC)

PRT Rannik 'Warhammer' Narius (Sith) - Dark Cross (DC)

OP Silent (Obelisk) - Cluster of Fire (CF) x5

SW Schisca Archaon Azytzeen (Sith) - Cluster of Firce (CF)

PRT Vexer (Sith) - Crescent with Emerald Star (E)

PRT Jaysen Erdon (Sith) - Crescent with Topaz Star (T)

GRD Reshiand Tolter (Krath) - Crescent with Quartz Star (Q)

PRT Ky Terrak (Obelisk) - Crescent with Emerald Star (E)

DJK Orzon (Krath) - Crescent with Emerald Star (E)

JH Galaphile Elesendil (Sith) - Crescent with Topaz Star (T)


Template (OT) Jaysun Adumarii to HSK Envoy/Rollmaster

Dark Jedi Knight (DJK) Kromtal Stormfyld to HSK QUA

Novice (NOV) Daemon (Sith)

Novice (NOV) Harpuia (Sith)

Completed Courses

Kal Vorrac (Obelisk) - Sith Alchemy

Kromtal Stormfyld (Krath) - Lightsaber Basics

Kromtal Stormfyld (Krath) - Test of Skill (Obelisk)

Sakh nhem (Krath) - Leadership Studies

Aabsdu Dupar al'Tor (Sith) - Safe Computing

Orzon (Krath) - AOL Instant Messenger

Ky Terrak (Obelisk) - Test of Skill (Krath)

Ky Terrak (Obelisk) - MSN Messenger

Orzon (Krath) - Dark Jedi Meditation

Aabsdu Dupar al'Tor (Sith) - Leadership Fundamentals

Orzon (Krath) - Leadership Applications

crait (Krath) - AOL Instant Messenger

Orzon (Krath) - Conflict Mediation

crait (Krath) - HTML Basics

Orzon (Krath) - Leadership Basics

Tek Cicero Selkirk (Sith) - ACC Initiates Course

Silent (Obelisk) - Leadership Fundamentals

Orzon (Krath) - Leadership Studies

Kromtal Stormfyld (Krath) - Sith Tactics

Vasily Zaitsev (Sith) - Leadership Fundamentals

Tek Cicero Selkirk (Sith) - Krath Grammar

Hadus (Sith) - Sith Alchemy

Tek Cicero Selkirk (Sith) - Lightsaber Basics

Tek Cicero Selkirk (Sith) - Krath Core

Hadus (Sith) - Dark Jedi Mediation

Tek Cicero Selkirk (Sith) - Krath Poetry

Hadus (Sith) - Obelisk Core

Jaysun Adumarii (Obelisk) - Leadership Applications

Ragnorak (Sith) - ACC Initiates Course

Tek Cicero Selkirk (Sith) - Dark Jedi Meditation

Tek Cicero Selkirk (Sith) - Conflict Mediation

Jaysun Adumarii (Obelisk) - HTML Basics

Reshiand Tolter (Krath) - Lightsaber Basics

Tek Cicero Selkirk (Sith) - Sith Alchemy

Name Changes


Email Address Changes

OT Jaysun Adumarii (Obelisk) - [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Order Changes

OP Jason Hunter (Krath) - Obelisk

Transfers In/Out


OP Arawn Lugh Entar (Obelisk) - Rogue

PRT Korenga No Marago (Krath) - Rogue


APP Damascus Nepthilim (Obelisk) - House Satal Keto

APP Tavaraz (Sith) - House Exar Kun

APP Ragnorak (Sith) - House Satal Keto

APP Novros (Krath) - House Satal Keto


  1. Title: How would a DJK party?


This two-week Fiction competition allows individual members to describe

how they would, or did, celebrate their elevation to the rank of Dark Jedi

Knight. This competition will be divided into two categories; one for

members that will become a DJK, and one for members that already hold the

rank of DJK or higher. Each category will include three sub-categories for

"Most Creative Storyline", "Best Overall Storyline", and "Most Outrageous

Storyline", with 1st to 3rd place awards offered for each sub-category. In

addition, one story from each category will be judged as the "Most

Impressively Written Story", based on how well the story is written,

punctuation, spelling and so forth, as well as how well the overally

storyline flowed. A total of 20 awards will be handed out for this

competition, ensuring that there are plenty of awards to go around within

the Clan!

Start Date: 4/2/2006

End Date: 4/15/2006

Unit in Competition: Clan Plagueis





Third Level Crescents:

1st Place Crescent with Amethyst Star (Cr-1A)

2nd Place Crescent with Sapphire Star (Cr-1S)

3rd Place Crescent with Emerald Star (Cr-1E)

**Note: A single Crescent w/Amethyst Star will be awarded for each "Most

Impressively Written Story" in both categories.


This is an opportunity for each member of Clan Plagueis to use their

imaginations and be free to write what they think would be the most

elaborate and/or fun celebration for achieving the rank of Dark Jedi

Knight. A reminder however that the use of foul language and inappropriate

actions will NOT be tolerated. Keep it clean folks, but have fun! :)

  1. Title: Plagueis Monthly ACC Duel


Each month the Top 3 Clan members that obtain the most victories at the

ACC will be awarded a Crescent for their accomplishment. This will be an

evolving competition through the end of 2006, with Third Level Crescents

awarded monthly to the Top 3 Clan ACC Champions!

Start Date: 3/18/2006

End Date: 12/31/2006

Unit in Competition: Clan Plagueis





Third Level Crescents:

1st Place Crescent with Amethyst Star Cr-1A

2nd Place Crescent with Sapphire Star Cr-1S

3rd Place Crescent with Emerald Star Cr-1E


May the best ACC warriors win!!!

  1. Title: Plagueis Shadow Training


A monthly competition where we reward the three most active members of the

Clan for their efforts in continuing their training at the Shadow Academy.

The members who successfully complete the most courses will be awarded

Third Level Crescent awards.

Start Date: 3/5/2006

End Date: 12/31/2006

Unit in Competition: Clan Plagueis





1st Place - Crescent with Amethyst Star

2nd Place - Crescent with Sapphire Star

3rd Place - Crescent with Emerald Star


Plagueis Pronconsul will oversee the tracking and recording of all

completed courses each month, and will submit reward requests at the end

of each monthly period. Due to the late start date of this competition,

results will be back dated to 03/01/06 to ensure a full months record for


  1. Title: Before the Brotherhood


A short fiction competition focusing on what your character did before

he/she found the Dark Brotherhood.

Start Date: 4/3/2006

End Date: 4/12/2006

Unit in Competition: House Exar Kun





Fourth Level Crescents


For members ranked PRT and below, will be awarded by the QUA

  1. Title: Stacking the Books...


This is a simple competition dedicated to the Fictional Star Wars books.

Each week I will give a quote, and the book it is in. You're job is to

find the chapter its in, and who said it. The person with the most correct

will win.

Start Date: 4/9/2006

End Date: 5/9/2006

Unit in Competition: Battle Team Keto's Vengeance





5th Level Crescent for the person to guess all right.


These qoutes can also be found online, not just in the books.

  1. Title: [BT KV] Smart Clones Run-On


Just before the Clone Wars, a cloning facility not affiliated with Kamino

also received a call requesting mass production of clones from Jango Fett.

The clones did not do as well, with only about 50% making it out of the

test tubes and half of the survivors being fit for combat. The other half

had problems, either mentally or physically (too weak, mentally inept,

etc.). A very small number were too intelligent, and a handful of them

managed to escape from the cloning facility. They came back a few years

later and took control of the facility. However, one of the facility's

original managers flooded the facility with a process similar to what Hanv Solo was carbonized in. All of the clones, the defects, the normal

clones, and the super-intelligent ones, along with a small number of the

management's faculty, were trapped in space and time.

The facility, located on a remote moon in and out-of-the-way solar system,

was discovered by a Sith on the way back from an assignment, and Keto's

Vengeance has been given the honor of securing the facility. It willv serve as a good testing ground, to root out the weak, and will also add a

small base to CP/HSK. At the very least, the power generators (and other

valuable items) from the facility can be removed to the HSK capital


The run-on will start 10 days from now, will end in one months, and will

be in the HSK forums, untill I get the team forums set up.

Start Date: 3/19/2006

End Date: 4/19/2006

Unit in Competition: Battle Team Keto's Vengeance



HSK Message board


Salth has agreed to award 3rd Level Crescents to the top three writers.




Thanks to PRT David Locke for the idea, and thanks to Salth Khan for

agreeing to award the medals.

  1. Title: [HSK] Quaestor's Choice


Standard weekly QUA pick. Every week in my report I will award the

Quaestor's Choice award to the most active and outstanding member. Merit

will be decided on MP games, ACClive/ACC participation, SA courses, IRC

activity, email response, any and all fiction writing, and any other forms

of activity related to these. Only members between the ranks of APP-JH qualify.

Start Date: 3/13/2006

End Date: 6/13/2006

Unit in Competition: House Satal Keto



Any and all platforms supported by the DB


Cr-E for weekly winner

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        :: **In Dark Service to the Brotherhood** :: </td>
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              <!-- #BeginEditable "idline" --> 

I have an Open-Door policy, so people are welcome to see me at any time about anything. If its a House matter, I do ask that you take it up with the House Summit first, then if that doesn't resolve your problem, feel free bring it to my attention. If your problem is with the House Summit in general, and by that I mean both the QUA and AED, then by all means come to me immediately, as well as the Consul, and we'll help resolve the problem ASAP.


<font color="darkred">*Plagueis Proconsul Sith Battlemaster Wil Striker *</font>

<font color="darkred">""Death is the only thing that separates us from our enemies... their death!""


                 ::Life and Death through Darkness ::  


              <!-- #EndEditable -->   </td>


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 ** :: Clan Plagueis :: **</td>

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