Aedile Report


Aedile Report


*_*An Image flashes on, it is Aedile-Commander Thran Occasus.


Clan Plagueis, House Exar Kun, and Quaestor Kunar,

Aedile Occasus here. I have very little time, but here is my report. Our Battleteam Conflict will end soon. We are very close to our prize. I will personally oversee the capture of Bodelle. I am growing tired of this man. However, the point of my report is not to describe my opinions. With that, here it is…


DJK Orzon has recently been appointed as Assistant Envoy of House Exar Kun

Harpuia was promoted to Novice. Daemon was also promoted to Novice. Congrats!

Some new transfers arrived this week. Here is the list from the Headmaster of the Shadow Academy.

APP Tavaraz; Onderon Campus; Sith; Human

Here is the Headmasters complete list of passed courses from House Exar Kun.

SW Tek Cicero Selkirk; Sith; Human

Sith Alchemy: 100 %

Conflict Mediation: 100%

Dark Jedi Meditation: 82%

Krath Poetry: 92%

Krath Core: 80%

Lightsaber Basics: 94%

Krath Grammar: 97%

ACC Initiates: 96%

DJK Orzon; Krath; Human

Test of Wisdom: Pass

Leadership Studies: 94%

Conflict Mediation: 100%

Leadership Applications: 96%

Leadership Fundamentals: 98%

Meditation: 83%

AIM: 100%

ACO crait; Sith; Gome

HTML Basics: 76%

AIM: 70%

SW Aabsdu Dupar al’Tor; Sith; Human

Leadership Fundamentals: 100%

Safe Computing: 94%

Here is a list of wins from the Combat Centre:

KAP Braecen Kunar v. JH Galaphile Elesendil

Braecen wins!!!

OT Drodik Va'lence al'Tor v. JH Galaphile Elesendil

Drodik prevails!!!


More Medals for you to pin up, Quaestor Kunar. Here is the list.

OT Venquis Arcanum – Cluster of Fire

SW Aabsdu Dupar al’Tor – Crescent with Sapphire Star, Star of Antei

PRT Jaysen Erdon – Crescent with Emerald Star, Crescent with Topaz Star

DJM Corran Force – Cluster of Fire

DJK Orzon – Crescent with Emerald Star

JH Galaphile Elesendil – Crescent with Topaz Star

SW Schisca Archaon Azytzeen – Cluster of Fire

KAP Braecen Kunar – Star Of Antei

GRD Lorien Sinclair Dupar – 2 Clusters of Fire


Title: Before the Brotherhood

Requested By: DJK Orzon

Specifics: A short fiction competition focusing on what your character did before he/she found the Dark Brotherhood.

Start Date: 4/3/2006

End Date: 4/12/2006

Unit in Competition: House Exar Kun

Platforms: Composition

Awards: Fourth Level Crescents

Comments: For members ranked PRT and below, will be awarded by the QUA

Title: How would a DJK party?

Requested By: SBM Salth Khan

Specifics: This two-week Fiction competition allows individual members to describe how they would, or did, celebrate their elevation to the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. This competition will be divided into two categories; one for members that will become a DJK, and one for members that already hold the rank of DJK or higher. Each category will include three sub-categories for "Most Creative Storyline", "Best Overall Storyline", and "Most Outrageous Storyline", with 1st to 3rd place awards offered for each sub-category. In addition, one story from each category will be judged as the "Most Impressively Written Story", based on how well the story is written, punctuation, spelling and so forth, as well as how well the overally storyline flowed. A total of 20 awards will be handed out for this competition, ensuring that there are plenty of awards to go around within the Clan!

Start Date: 4/2/2006

End Date: 4/15/2006

Unit in Competition: Clan Plagueis

Platforms: Fiction

Awards: Third Level Crescents:

1st Place Crescent with Amethyst Star (Cr-1A)

2nd Place Crescent with Sapphire Star (Cr-1S)

3rd Place Crescent with Emerald Star (Cr-1E)

**Note: A single Crescent w/Amethyst Star will be awarded for each "Most Impressively Written Story" in both categories.

Comments: This is an opportunity for each member of Clan Plagueis to use their imaginations and be free to write what they think would be the most elaborate and/or fun celebration for achieving the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. A reminder however that the use of foul language and inappropriate actions will NOT be tolerated. Keep it clean folks, but have fun! :)

Title: [EK BT War!] Event #4: Action Stations!

Requested By: SW Aabsdu Dupar al'Tor

Specifics: The assassin apprentice Shan Drak has met his demise at the hands of the Battle Teams, sensing urgency through the Force they deploy towards the pirate ship. Each boarding ship is escorted by a flight of pilots - choose whether you are a pilot or a by-stander. Captain Lirias Narth has yet again sent fighters to stop you from reaching the ship, but this time they are living pilots, not droids.

This week long event is a fiction piece of at least one page. Write about the fierce battle that the two transports engage in as they make their way towards the pirate ship.

Start Date: 4/9/2006

End Date: 4/15/2006

Unit in Competition: Battle Team 19th Legion: Blades of Kun

Battle Team Exar's Shadow

Platforms: Fiction

Awards: 5th lvl crescents

Comments: Email stories in any format to Aabsdu

Title: Plagueis Weekly Caption Contest

Requested By: SBM Salth Khan

Specifics: Each week a new image will be released to the Clan-at-large. Members will submit a caption statement to represent the image. This competition will run for 18 weeks.

Start Date: 2/23/2006

End Date: 6/29/2006

Unit in Competition: Clan Plagueis

Platforms: None

Awards: Fifth Level Crescents:

1st Place Crescent with Emerald Star Cr-1E

2nd Place Crescent with Topaz Star Cr-1T

3rd Place Crescent with Quartz Star Cr-1Q

Comments: This competition is just for fun and to give members a distraction from the typical DB styled competitions.


That is all I have for this week. Keep up the good work Exar Kun!!!

Darkfully yours,

Aedile Commander Thran Occasus.


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