Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

(Sorry, I meant to send this out yesterday.)

RevengeX watched under the shadow of a tree as others either worked or played in the sunlight. The Templar was not particularly fond of the hot weather and would have liked to stay inside, but he needed some ideas for poems and stories. Pulling his hood further over his head, he looked at a few Dark Jedi sparring with sticks. A little bit further away, he saw other Dark Jedi watching a brilliantly flashy lightsaber spar. The blades flew right and left, up and down. The two Dark Jedi seem to be getting no where when it came to winning, but suddenly, a saber was knocked out of one of the Jedi's hands and it went flying into a patch of grass. 'One mistake and you're history...' recalled Revenge as he watched the crowd disperse. Realizing that he needed to send out a report, the Obelisk began to write...

Brotherhood News:

Just in case you were wondering what the "Exodus" is if you weren't there about three years ago, Pyralis wrote a quick summary which you can find here: If you are participating in the GMRG Open, get those matches played and send the results to Khobai! The Sith Tactics EP position is open since Warhunter has stepped down from that position due to real life circumstances. More information can be found here: Jac is back from his honeymoon in case you haven't noticed and Kir has resigned from his post of Deputy Grandmaster. Applications are no longer being accepted for that position. Dalthid (the ACC Combat Master) has been awarded an Emerald Dagger for his amazing work for both the ACC and the Brotherhood! Congratulations! House Satal Keto is now looking for a new Aedile. Email Kromtal your application if you are interested. Four halls are being closed within the ACC and two are being opened. With the closing of these halls, all you have to do is specify what you want (for example, if you wanted a space battle, you could put in the miscellaneous section of your challenge "Space battle" or something like that.) The GMRG Shadow War is being planned currently, more information will probably be released as it develops. The Taldryan Invitation is being revived! All participants were emailed a few days ago. Be sure to notify Duga on whether or not you wish to continue. The ICTE will be hosted by both MVader of ID and Lucius which will allow four to five more hours of gaming. Also concerning the ICTE, a reporting form has been created which you can find here: A new board called "Ask the Dark Council" has been created where you can ask the Dark Council questions or receive feedback on various things. The IRC Basics EP position is also open, be sure to send your applications to both Anshar and Kromtal.

Clan News:

Activity within the clan itself is quite low. Hopefully this will change soon.

House News:

Not much has happened within the house itself. Remember, just stay active, play games (if you have them) and participate in competitions.

Activity Report/Transfers:



Crescent with Sapphire Star


Cluster of Fire


Cluster of Fire x3


APP Ishmael Lan al'Starr to NOV (Congrats!)

APP The Darkness to NOV (Congrats!)

Shadow Academy:

Trin al Karim:

Passed the Training Saber Course


APP Fear Me (Sith) to HAD from SA (Welcome!)

APP Libra Tzo (Krath) to HAD from House Ektrosis (Welcome!)

APP Koroy Allfire (Obelisk) to HAD from SA (Welcome!)

Be sure to welcome all of our new members!

Master - Student Roll:

Impetus - Cethgus

Arania - Ood

Mune - Laurus

Vail - Terrarus

If you are a Dark Jedi at the rank of Protector or higher and are without a master, please contact me and/or Daniel Stephens and/or the House and Clan Summits. You may also want to look around for prospective masters on IRC.


1540 Dark Side Adept Vail Aquillarum Unteminar

235 Pontifex Saitou

3153 Pontifex Cuchulain

288 Archpriest Rhaub D'ar Aghasett Palpatine

297 Archpriest al`Lan Mandragoran

3607 Archpriest Mune Metsukai Isradia

1845 Priest Exodius

3491 Templar RevengeX

4045 Dark Jedi Knight RADEK

4438 Dark Jedi Knight Uzbad Zol Tamalar

4835 Dark Jedi Knight Korbin

3317 Guardian Ood Bnar

5540 Guardian Cornix

6041 Guardian Laurus

6705 Guardian Cethgus

6359 Protector Terrarus D'Koro

6975 Protector Zxypher

7118 Protector Rector

7370 Protector Rasilvenaira StormRaven

4127 Acolyte Simanus

5206 Acolyte xybre

6413 Acolyte Dirus

6650 Acolyte Boba nil

7171 Acolyte Alianaras

7294 Acolyte Trin al Karim

6708 Novice Jake Narron

7427 Novice The Darkness

7457 Novice Ishamael Lan al'Starr

7036 Apprentice negtiveside5

7073 Apprentice Neth

7110 Apprentice ShadowSamurai

7139 Apprentice keltan

7164 Apprentice Xanatos

7207 Apprentice Prequ

7261 Apprentice Gorgorath

7265 Apprentice Arcanus

7325 Apprentice Min Jo

7405 Apprentice Azazel

7448 Apprentice Kalel

7462 Apprentice Renloth

7476 Apprentice Fear Me

7487 Apprentice Libra Tzo

7492 Apprentice Koroy Allfire

Our house stands at 43 members.


Time for some learnin'

This competition is aimed at members at the rank of GRD or below.

Bad days only get worse

You're just having one of those days...

Random Stuff:

Gotta catch 'em all!

Have a nice week everyone!


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