Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

The message had come by way of encoded burst transmission to each member of the phyle. Apparently Baron Zarco had been constrained, or seen prudent, to not broadcast in real time over the holonet during this time of conflict with Arcona. The blue light flickered showing his form and the familiar voice that many found to be heavily accented.

"Greetings, team members. I have been monitoring your progress as best I can. I have been engaged with the enemy as well as engaged in duties elsewhere."

"I have noticed that two of you have been active in the conflict. Dark Knight Tiberius Serpentium flew headlong into the conflict under the auspices of the ACC fighting and winning many battles for us. He has likewise posted in the Taldryan Message Board as has PRT Anik Koran."

"DJK Serpentium's record in this conflict has been exemplary. I now think of him as the Horseman 'War' in the imagery that comes to mind of our namesake, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse."

"I am still waiting to hear from the rest of you. If any feel as though I have overlooked their efforts please advise."

"The second week of the conflict is almost upon us. I implore you to go to the Selen Conflict site and accept your responsibility to the Phyle, House and Clan."

"The link to the Selen site is"

"Let all in Arcona know that the end of times is upon them!"

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