Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

(Sorry my reports have been quite erratic in coming out, I have family over right now for the weekend.)

RevengeX yawned and stretched his arms, reaching towards the sky. It had been a tiring day of grading exams, reading reports, transfer notes and walking back and forth from his office to the bathroom. He still had something else to do on his mental task list, but the list had gotten wet and was unable to be deciphered (or was it just because he was tired?). Yawning again, he thought of going to sleep right there in his office, but in the end, he decided against it and tried to concentrate on the mental image of a task list inside his head. 'Check mail - check, read through transfer notes - check, make sure people don't kill themselves - check, grade SA exams - check, read any reports - check, and then the blurred spot...' thought Revenge as he read off the list in his head. Bored and frustrated, the Templar took out a clean sheet of paper and began randomly drawing a bunch of circles and other simple geometric shapes with a pen. Drawing some erratic crooked lines, he remembered that he had to write a report. 'Oh,' thought the Obelisk, 'that might be the blurred spot in my head.' Pulling out a pencil and pen, he began to write...

Brotherhood News:

The Clan Feud has ended due to lack of interest in it, thus week three of the feud was cancelled. The Pre-GJW tournament is running, so if you have the games, go play! The special event for this week is ACCLive! which you can play on IRC! Yes, ACCLive! is not a game you buy, you can just go on channel #acc, find an opponent, ask a Judge and play! Note that ACCLive! is a timed writing platform. The list of DB Gaming Servers has been updated, so be sure that you check that out to make sure that you're playing in the correct servers! The Rites of Combat (RoC) have also been updated, check those out to make sure that you are following the rules! Taku "Crix" Matsuki was awarded the name of Taldrya, be sure to congratulate him. JA Training classes are up, so if you're interested in learning how to play, make sure that you sign up (by emailing Lucius at nevergood[at]gmail[dot]com). A Clan military possessions record has been completed by Duga, you can download the document (it's a *.doc file) from the News Page or the Policies and Projects page. Be sure to thank Duga for collecting all the information.

Clan News:

Our clan did alright in the Feud, but I think that we could have done better if people were more motivated. We had a bunch of people go in there and play some games (or in Rasilvenaira's case, almost two hundred), but when the Great Jedi War (GJW) comes around, we'll be ready.

House News:

The house has been relatively quiet, but we have a bunch of new members (see Transfers). Be sure to welcome them and answer any questions they may have about the Dark Brotherhood.

Activity Report/Transfers:



Cluster of Fire x22


Cluster of Fire x137 (Great job!)

Silver Nova

Scroll of Indoctrination


Cluster of Fire x3


Cluster of Fire x8


Cluster of Fire x3


ACO Krayn Cotelin to PRT

APP Ohika Ilob to NOV

Shadow Academy:


Passed Test of Wisdom


Passed MSN Messenger Course

Passed Test of Wisdom

Passed ACC Initiates Course


KAP Linkin Camulos to HAD from Rogues (Welcome!)

APP daryanna to HAD from SA (Welcome!)

APP Rosemarie Halavar to HAD from SA (Welcome!)

APP Ki'leidme to HAD from SA (Welcome!)

Name Changes:

ACO Krayn (Obelisk) to Krayn Cotelin (he is in no way related to the Grandmaster)

OT RevengeX (Obelisk) to RevengeX Palpatine

Master - Student Roll:

Arania - Ood

Xan - Rasilvenaira

Mune - Laurus

Vail - Terrarus

If you are a Dark Jedi at the rank of Protector or higher and are without a master, please contact me and/or Rasilvenaira StormRaven and/or the House and Clan Summits. You may also want to look around for prospective masters on IRC.


1540 Dark Side Adept Vail Aquillarum Unteminar

235 Pontifex Saitou

3153 Pontifex Cuchulain

3155 Epis Timbal Palpatine

288 Archpriest Rhaub D'ar Aghasett Palpatine

297 Archpriest al`Lan Mandragoran

3607 Archpriest Mune Metsukai Isradia

4520 Archpriest Braecen Kunar

1845 Priest Exodius

3491 Templar RevengeX Palpatine

4045 Dark Jedi Knight RADEK

4438 Dark Jedi Knight Uzbad Zol Tamalar

4835 Dark Jedi Knight Korbin

3317 Guardian Ood Bnar

5540 Guardian Cornix

6041 Guardian Laurus

7370 Guardian Rasilvenaira StormRaven

6359 Protector Terrarus D'Koro

6747 Protector onewa

6975 Protector Zxypher

7118 Protector Rector

7631 Protector Krayn Cotelin

4127 Acolyte Simanus

5206 Acolyte xybre

6413 Acolyte Dirus

6650 Acolyte Boba nil

7116 Acolyte opacus

7171 Acolyte Alianaras

7294 Acolyte Trin al Karim

7487 Acolyte Libra Tzo

6708 Novice Jake Narron

7427 Novice The Darkness

7457 Novice Ishamael Lan al'Starr

7584 Novice Demon Kiing

7610 Novice gavan

7645 Novice Ohika Ilob

7697 Novice Rosemarie Halavar

7036 Apprentice negtiveside5

7073 Apprentice Neth

7110 Apprentice ShadowSamurai

7139 Apprentice keltan

7164 Apprentice Xanatos

7207 Apprentice Prequ

7261 Apprentice Gorgorath

7265 Apprentice Arcanus

7325 Apprentice Min Jo

7405 Apprentice Azazel

7448 Apprentice Kalel

7462 Apprentice Renloth

7476 Apprentice Fear Me

7492 Apprentice Koroy Allfire

7542 Apprentice Hyside

7554 Apprentice zerocd

7569 Apprentice Nave Nijatsu Cybar

7601 Apprentice John Matten

7614 Apprentice Devin Cratious

7651 Apprentice Vektor

7682 Apprentice daryanna

7707 Apprentice Ki'leidme

Our house currently stands at 59 members.


[CSP] The Grand Hunt

It's time to cleanse the galaxy!

Taldryan Invitational Tournament

The Tal Invite has been revived!

Know Your ACC Stuff

Do you know your ACC stuff?

Random Stuff:

I still can't find my Jedi Academy disk... sob

Have a great week everyone!


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