Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

<head> <title>Kirleta's Way Weekly Report</title> </head>

<fieldset> <legend><big><big> News </big></big></legend>

  • I am now 27 standard years old.

  • The fued is all over with and almost all the medals

have been awarded. Ataris is still waiting to receive his

but I have been assured that they are in que to be


  • The pre Great Jedi War has begun and things have been

off to a slow start. Lets see if we can get some more

Battle Team participation on this.

  • Those of you that are paired in the Master Student

Program either as a Master or a Student please let me know.

Your work in that regard also counts towards your activity

in the Battle Team. Please let me know who you are paired

with and how things are progressing.


<fieldset> <legend><big><big> Transfers In/Out </big></big></legend>

  • Roster has been trimmed due to the Clan wide AWOL


<fieldset> <legend><big><big> Promotions </big></big></legend>

  • None this week


<fieldset> <legend><big><big> Medals </big></big></legend>

  • Arso Slyth was awarded 10 Clusters of Fire

  • Tek Cicero Dantes was awarded 1 Crescent with Emerald

Star, 1 Silver Nova and 2 Clusters of Fire

  • Ky Terrak was awarded 1 Gold Nova and 24 Clusters of



<fieldset> <legend><big><big> Shadow Academey </big></big></legend>

  • Ky Terrak passed the Advanced Test of Wisdom


<fieldset> <legend><big><big> Anti Combat Chamber </big></big></legend>

  • Tek Cicero Dantes won 1 Match


_ "Verd ori’shya beskar’gam” _



JH Ky Terrak (Obelisk)/SGT/Satal Keto of Plagueis [ACC:


STa / DC-KC / Cr-4A-2S-2E / CF-BIF-RF-GF / LSS

{SA: U:TL - U:TW - U:TE - U:TA - G:IRC - G:IRC2 - G:ICQ

  • G:MSN - G:HTML1 - G:SC - G:AIC - O:CORE - S:CORE - G:TS}

dossier # 6591 </small> <-

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