Aedile Report


Aedile Report



Welcome to my fourth report as Aedile of House Exar Kun. I must say that after being AED for just over one month, I have seen quite a lot. Everything is going completely as the summit has hoped for, save of course for everyone’s activity in certain competitions, but Scorpius and I are overall very satisfied with you. Thus, without further ado, I declare this report OPEN!

Current Events

~ Numerous Dark Council members have recently started blogs to tell you what is happening in the secret rooms we are not allowed to enter. The big ones are the Herald's Blog, Great Jedi War Blog, Deputy Grand Master's Blog, and the Headmaster's Blog

~ A Pre-GJW competition has started that will get everyone warmed up for the gaming section of the months-long event. Since gaming is the biggest part of any GJW, it's common sense that everyone in the house who can game participates. Those that can't game, though, have no need to worry since fictions/graphics/run-ons and more will be held. This warm-up event will last through a good part of June, and covers every platform the DB will use in the GJW. Games are split up into weeklong categories, though, so make sure you play the right game at the right time. Right now the ACCLive special is running, so make sure you play for some extra Cluster of Fires and crescents! Details can be found here

~ The Tal Invite is still in the semi-finals, and is still looking good for Clan Plagueis. Sadly, I lost my JA Guns match, but Venquis is still in the running for the saber matches, so there is still a chance we’ll get some ground troops. Believe me, we need it. I was looking over the military possessions document and I noticed that Plagueis has one of the biggest fleet in the brotherhood, yet our ground force consists of a few squadrons of weak droids. This isn’t really too good for us if someone were to attack Aerun, so we should all work towards gaining more troops in the upcoming war!

~ Scorpius is still on a LoA as he travels Italy, so if you need a summit member it will probably be easier if you just come to me. All of his projects are currently on hold, but those I can work on I am. I am going to spend most of today working on the Ash Citadel Guard info, so again I’m going to be rather busy.


  • Corran Force: CF x4

  • Schisca: CF x6

  • Ashura: CF x20

  • Vasily: CF x22

Shadow Academy

  • Kyra: ACC Initiates course passed


~ I'm not going to write all of my projects down here anymore, and the reason for that is that an entire page has been created on the house website that lists our projects. Now, I'm hoping most of you can find that page on your own, but here it is for the rest of you. In addition, if anyone has a project that is house or clan related, and they would like it to be added on this page, just email Vir or me and we'll get it up here.

~ When Braecen was QUA he put into effect guidelines for which you would earn merit awards. It involved you doing things in the ACC, SA, and GMRG in order to earn some merits. Well, I really like the idea, so I have decided to put it into effect again. Now, some of these like the SA one are very easy, but take a little time. There are at least thirty SA courses out there, and soon to be more, so at all costs that challenge should be the most popular one. Already four or five people have won an award because of these, so that just goes to show that I'm not kidding. Also, in order to make sure I don't forget anyone, please email me when you complete one of the challenges listed below.

  • Shadow Academy: 25 Course Passed - Star of Antei

  • Antei Combat Centre: 10 Wins (or 20 matches) - Dark Cross; 20 wins (or 40 matches) - Star of Antei; 30 wins (or 50 matches) - Steel Cross; 40 wins (80 matches) - Grand Cross

  • Grand Master's Royal Guard: Sentinel 1 - Dark Cross; Sentinel 4 - Star of Antei; Guardsman 1 - Steel Cross; Guardsman 4 - Grand Cross of the Dark Side


There’s a good bit of competitions running right now to keep everyone busy, but once the Great Jedi War starts Scorps and I will be keeping all of you busy with that, so I at least won’t have any competitions running during that time. Now, I would like to talk to everyone a moment about the competition I ran called Glory of Kun. It ran for a week, and not one of you submitted. Ok, yes, I understand that it was a poem, but either way it was easy medals and a great way to practice writing poetry. You twenty-nine are suppose to be Exar Kun’s active members, but it’s not looking like that. I just wanted to make sure you all knew that, and I only hope there is more participation from Exar Kun in the war because god knows there’ll be enough events.

PS: Most of the competitions that are running right now were created to get everyone ready for the Great Jedi War, just so you know

Plagueis Caption Contest

Plagueis Crossword Puzzle

The Madness of Sarin

The DBrotherhood Code

[BT-ES]Catch Vasily


Well, that's my report. Hope you all enjoyed it and found it... "educational". To close this week, I'd just like to say Happy Memorial Day and remember to participate in the Pre-GJW Tourney! As always, my office door is open... well... you know...

Dupar Out.

SW Aabsdu Dupar al'Tor (Sith)/AED/Exar Kun of Plagueis

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