DSC Tribune Report


DSC Tribune Report

State of the DSC


Hello all. I finally have a day off tomorrow (yayy!) and should have the Clan History part of the DSC completed. So far, I have heard from all the Clans except CSP. I’d like to hear from them soon, and will use the information from the website in lieu of any other if needed. Completion of this will be the end of the first part of my mandate from Jac and Xanos. Thanks to all of you who provided me with the requested data.

The next part of the mandate will be an update and compilation of the Triumvirate path (Sith, Obelisk, Krath). I have some good data, courtesy of Telona, Xanos, and Korras. Thanks guys.

Look for more fictional enhancement of the Obelisk Order background, as Xanos has some very interesting ideas that are extracted from canon material and then applied to the Obelisk Order history. Many of you Obelisk brethren have felt the need for more “meat” in the history and background, and we aim to provide exactly that. It’s heady stuff, and should be fun.

You may find my style to be a little different. I tend to work fast, be succinct, check facts, and always consult with the powers that be before things get included. Remember, if you have any suggestions or constructive criticisms, my door is always open. The DB and DSC exists for all of you. I look forward to serving the Brotherhood as a whole.



update: rough draft sent for review.


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