Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Just got back from Dragon Con, what an event! Hardly any sleep, lots of cool costumes and plenty of drinking as only CNS'rs can. We represented our Clan well and hope to have more people be able to participate next year. Maybe then we can show those rebel scums a thing or two! We took plenty of pictures. Check Muz's Herald Report for some of them.

The Jade Serpents kick some major ass for the war and I am very proud of all the efforts that went in to helping us make Taldryan sweat!

Draken-Korin Ylith Elariel Romanae: 458 CF's, 1 GN, 1 SD and 1 GC

Horus Blackheart: 92 CFs, 8 SD's, 1 SC, 1 BN and 1 SN.

Shin'Ichi Endymiron Keibatsu: 9 SD's, 1 GN, 1 SC.

Ruluk Okoth: 5 SD's, 1 GN, 1 SN.

Sanjuro Sledge Keibatsu: 1 SA and 2 SD.

Xaviar Yaroslav Guadalupe Romanae: 7 CF's, 1 DC, 2 SD's.

Corin Falgron: 20 CF's, 3 SD's, 1 DC


Congratulations to Shin'Ichi Keibatsu for his promotion to Epis and to Ruluk for his promotion to Guardian. W00t! Way to go guys!

New Members:

I like to welcome Corin Falgron as the newest member of the Jade Serpents. We're glad to have you aboard!


September MT's

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