Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

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  :: Clan Plagueis PCON Report :: </td>

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        <font size="5">Clan Plagueis PCON Report #<!-- #BeginEditable "repno" -->2<!-- #EndEditable --></font>  

        <!-- #BeginEditable "date" -->8 September<!-- #EndEditable -->, 2006  

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        ::  **From PCON/SBM Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar al'Tor**  :: </td>
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Clan Plagueis

        **If you see anything missing, let me know.**  




~ A reminder to all house summits and masters! For promotions that are for member Pre-Protector, one must make sure that the House Envoy is informed and approves the promotion. For all promotions from Protector to Dark Jedi Knight, the Clan Envoy, that's Orzon, must be informed and approve. Lately Orzon has been left out of a lot of things he shouldn't have, so I just want to remind everyone that Sarin and I treat him as the third clan summit member. He's equal to us, so anything that we get should also be sent to him, especially if it concerns his department.

~ As always, #plagueis is rated PG-13, so any sex talk or excessive cursing will be handled with a kick or ban. I don't mind some cursing, but there are nastier words that I hate, as well as a limit that many of you have been pushing lately. One or two curses here and there isn't a problem, but if you do it over and over again and people start complaining then it is a problem. Also, I myself do not tolerate the F-word, so I'd recommend not using that at all. House summit members have the ability to kick members who curse excessively or talk about sex, and then Sarin and I are able to ban those who continue to do it even after being warned a number of times. Also, to all those that join #plagueis, if you ever see Lenzar in any form you are to ban him immediately.

~ Bubba has been doing a great job, as usual, and has once again amazed the clan summit. He recently put together the Clan Project Calendar where all the members can see what the summits are working on as well as when they'll most likely be finished. This is a really cool thing as it really organizes everything that we're working on. As you can see, all of my projects are listed there, so there's your sneek peek into our lives.

~ Congratulations to everyone who recently was awarded some type of medal for their activity during the Great Jedi War. I'm finished with awarding on my part, and think I turned in around twenty medal requests total. You all certainly deserved it, so let's just make sure we keep it up for the rest of the year!

~ The DJB Wiki has been released and is ready for editing. I recommend you all to go and make an article about your character, I know I will. We do, however, ask that you make sure you know how to format it properly, and if you don't then that you ask someone to either show you to make the article for you. One small project that Sarin and I are working on right now is to the articles about Clan Plagueis running, so if you have any ideas please email them to us!

~ Like I said last week, the Consul Report is the one that lists most of the news items. My reports will usually be mainly for awards, courses, promotions, and projects. However, I will make sure to point some things out now and then. Now, on with the rest of the report!

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I'd really like to include all the awards given out for participation in the Great Jedi War because I know there were hundreds of them for this clan alone, but since we didn't get emails I don't have the time nor the patient to sit and go through everyone's dossier looking for them. However, I do know that at least five hundred Clusters of Fires were given to this clan, as well as several novas and around one hundred Seals of Duplicity. Congratulations to all those that received awards, you know who you are!

Jaysen Erdon: Dark Cross x1

Virulence: Dark Cross x1

Silas: Dark Cross x1

Rannik: Dark Cross x1 - Clusters of Fire x10

Scorpius: Dark Cross x1

Vasily: Star of Antei x1 - Cluster of Fire x1

Ky: Steel Cross x1

Famosus: Steel Cross x1

Silent: Grand Cross of the Dark Side x1 - Cluster of Fire x1

Dax: Steel Cross x1 - Clusters of Fire x2

Tolter: Star of Antei x1

Arcadian: Star of Antei x1

Achilles: Dark Cross x1

Tek: Dark Cross x1

Koga: Star of Antei x1

Jaden Kyrath: Dark Cross x1 - Clusters of Fire x9

Tolter: Star of Antei x2

Daniel Stephens: Grand Cross of the Dark Side x1 - Star of Antei x1

Ky: Grand Cross of the Dark Side x1

Raken: Sapphire Blade x1

Famosus: (E)Crescent x1

Vexer: (E)Crescent x1 - (S)Crescent x1

Niman Master: (S)Crescent x1

Crait: Scroll of Indoctrination x1

Dismal: (T)Crescent x1

Zakk: (Q)Crescent x1


Ryujin: Novice - Acolyte - Protector

Achilles: Guardian

Dismal: Guardian

Shadow Academy

Ryujin: Lightsaber Studies - MSN Messenger - IRC Basics - Marksmanship - Obelisk CORE - IRC Channel Operators - AOL Instant Messenger - Training Saber Basics - ICQ Studies - Leadership Applications - ACC Initiates

Koga: Lightsaber Studies

Zakrand: Sith CORE

Zakk Vynn: Sith CORE

Raken: History of the Sith Empire I

Daniel Stephens: Pre-Republic History - History of the Sith Empire I

Ky Terrak: Pre-Republic History - Krath CORE

Tolter: Obelisk CORE - Sith CORE



There are a lot of projects that I'm working on as PCON. This section is where I'll list them and give a little information on what they are and how far in progress they all are. Often times this section will be your peek into the secret room where the summits discuss important matters

~ The biggest project I'm working on right now is Clan Renovation Phase 1: Battle Teams. This included completely redoing the way battle teams work in the clan, and making them much more important then they were before. The first step in this, the Battle Team Handbook, is finished and avaliable for reading on the clan and house websites. The second step, limiting houses to two teams at a time, if also finished. The third step, a clan AWOL check, is now finished as well. Right now the fourth step, a clan wide battle team website, is currently being worked on. This is going to be one website that will contain information for all four of our teams. Each one will have a section, and in those sections will be whatever information the leaders wish to include. Bubba, Eton Jade, myself, and the battle team leaders have been working hard on it this past week, and hopefully it should be finished within the next few days. With all of that finished, I'm proud to announce that Phase 1 is now completed!

~ The second part of this, titled Clan Renovation Phase 2: Houses involves taking each house website and making sure that everything on it is up to date and working properly. The House Exar Kun website is almost finished save for the history update, and Bubba and I are currently working on getting the House Satal Keto website updated. If you're interested in helping, please check the clan calendar first to make sure you'll be able to meet the deadlines.

~ Another project I'm working on is the Antei System descriptions. This is more of a project that Sarin and I are working on, and is still in the early stages. There's also the Protector of Plagueis ACC Ladder that I'm running, and encourage all of you to go and sign-up for it. The ladder will start Sunday afternoon.

~ Finally, articles are currently being taken for the October Edition of the Clan Plagueis Chronicle. I'm looking for spooky things this month, since it's Halloween, as well as some more interviews and in-character articles. I'm hoping to try and get fifteen articles this month, so let's start submitting them. Email all articles to me. The deadline is September 30th



DB-wide Competitions

"Sunday Tournament" (Every Sunday!)

"Tuesday Tournament" (Every Tuesday!)

"Thursday Tournament" (Every Thursday!)

"Inter-club Training Event" (Every Saturday!)

Internal Clan/House Competitions

Protector of Plagueis

GJW - An Aftermath

[CP]Monthly Fiction

September MTs

Make It Look Cool

Plagueis Weekly Caption Contest Part Deux

Plagueis Shadow Training

Plagueis Monthly ACC Duel

Funny Pictures

Dark Jedi Knight Ceremonies

Hahahaha and HA AGAIN!

Taking A Trip...

[CP]Banner Competition

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        :: **In Dark Service to the Brotherhood** :: </td>
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I have an Open-Door policy, so people are welcome to see me at any time about anything. If its a House matter, I do ask that you take it up with the House Summit first, then if that doesn't resolve your problem, feel free bring it to my attention. If your problem is with the House Summit in general, and by that I mean both the QUA and AED, then by all means come to me immediately, as well as the Consul, and we'll help resolve the problem ASAP.


<font color="red">Plagueis Proconsul Sith Battlemaster Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar al'Tor</font>

<font color="red">"_"A leader is nothing without people to lead.

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.

Seeing isn't Believing; Believing is Seeing."_"


                 ::Life and Death through Darkness ::  


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 ** :: Clan Plagueis :: **</td>

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