Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Nightmare Report 9/8/06

Battleteam News

Well our team motto comp is still running so if you have not sent in any you still have a few days. There are several other DB wide and CSP competitions currently running and I encourage anyone who feels up to it to participate. I am also very pleased with the team’s activity and work, keep it up guys.

On a side Note I know we’re still a small battleteam and if you ever need to talk to me or have a suggestion or idea feel free to Mail me or find me on mIRC.


JH Cethgus

Dark Cross

SBL Maximus Raidoner Mandalore

Dark Cross

GRD Malaki

Cluster of fire x 2

GRD Zeron

Cluster of fire x 13

Crescent with Ruby Star

Dark Cross

Shadow Academy

GRD Zeron

HTML basics

ICQ studies

Conflict Mediation

MSN Messenger

AOL Instant Messenger

Safe Computing


Zeron PRT to GRD

As you can see Zeron defiantly deserves a pat on the back for his high activity. :)

Congratulations to Raidoner, Malaki, and Cethgus for there medals.

Running and Upcoming Competitions Of Interest


Nightmares motto



Family Crest

May the Force be with you…

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