Aedile Report


Aedile Report

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Oriens Obscurum Aedile Report #4

8, September, 2006 </td> </tr> <tr> <td id="titles" align="center">::AED/OP Rade Tamalar Reporting::</td></tr> <tr> <td id="text" align="center">

Oriens Obscurum Roster

Arcona Roster

Darkness, the eternal Dark Side incarnate!


Here is the word of the week: Wow! Exactly, that explains everything that has gone on this week: Wow! We've had a very great week, in my opinion; everyone has contributed to the House, and communication has been maintained. This means you guys are having a good time, and we're doing right by you guys, as leaders. ;) By the way, this is my month report (I've been here a month :D), and...Xayun, you suck. :P Sorry for getting off topic there, but it had to be said. :P Anyway, a great week, but a few resignations. We wish them well in all things that they pursue. :P Now, onto the report!


General News

  • The Great Jedi War is now OVER! Medals are released! :D

<li>Halc has resigned as our Consul, we wish him the best! :) Our new Summit is: CON Strategos, PCON Quejo, and GAL QUA Koskian. Congrats! :) </li>

<li>Firefox plugins are on the Roster Search page, they're very handy! :) </li>
<li>The DJB Wiki is online! You are free to work in it as you please. However, I ask that unless you have already, PLEASE DON'T submit your personal profile. There will be an announcement regarding that in the coming days. Stay tuned! :p

Oriens Obscurum News

  • Smoke has resigned as QUA, for personal reasons. If you want to know, ask him; or, if you can't get him in #taldryan, you can ask me on email or IRC. An announcement concerning QUA should be made in the next few days by Strategos.

  • The BT Naming competition is running until Sunday, which is the day when a name will be chosen, and used. I've had quite a few submissions, which is very great news. :D Keep them coming, if you haven't sent in something, please. ;)

  • KE Alex d'Tana is our new Rollmaster/Envoy! CONGRATS! :D I've already been getting with him, and he knows what his job is, and what is expected. Look for help from him, constantly - more for the PRTs and below, but his area includes everyone DJK and below. :)

  • The Battleteam project that I've been laboring over is almost complete! :D You'll see three BTs, with people in them and leaders as well. On Sunday, the BT Naming competition will end, and I'll set the name for the Obelisk Team. By Tuesday, all or most all of the people who spoke with me about joining, will be here. We'll consider it done by then, and when we get a QUA. ;)

  • HOO Weekly Trivia has come to a close this week, with Odin and Ashura, and taking 1st, and 2nd. ;) Nice work! We had a larger number of submissions than in the past (before, we'd get 2 or 3, now we got 5-7), and this turnout is AWESOME! :) The next week of House Trivia will not go on as planned; it will be delayed one week because I've run out of questions. :P I will be getting with someone else to provide them. Sorry, but we have a week off of trivia. :(

<li>Yet again, this week, welcome to all the new members. I hope you have a fat fun time here. ;) </li>

Standing Orders

  1. Do what you can to support HOO and Arcona, in anything you can do (Gaming, ACC, etc...).

<li>Be on IRC, if at all possible. ;) </li>
<li>Keep us informed of what you're up to; especially activity. </li>
<li>Have a fun time! :D</li>



  • Competitions: They happen weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. If you can do something there, please do. ;) House and BT competitions also work great, it shows your support for what we're trying to accomplish. ;)

<li>Communication: I consider communicating with others and specifically, your leaders, to be some activity. Please make sure your opinions are voiced, and let us know what you enjoy; include any suggestions. ;) Be sure to be on IRC, if and when you can. We love to get to chat with you guys! :) </li>
<li>ICTE: The ICTE is being run by Lucius this week (as far as I know). If you can do something in it, please do! It'll be well rewarded, come your effort and dedication. :p </li>
<li>General Stuff: Your average game/acc matches played means you're doing stuff, and that's something I love to hear about! ;) If you play a match or something with your buds.. make sure we know about it. We would love to see your pwnage! :P Contribute to your clan, and help us get where we need to be. :D</li>


  1. [Bas-Tyra] Create a Force Power

This is hosted by JH Scyrone, in respect to Bas Tyra creating a force power. ;)

<li>[Oriens Obscurum] BT Naming

This is hosted by AED Venquis, to name the Obelisk Battleteam. Members are to send their name suggestions to Venquis, and on Sunday, winners will be announced. ;)


I know that I said I would have two competitions out by this report, and well, I only have one: BT Naming. The other competition I've been working on, is Clan Wide, and Strategos will release it in the coming days, so be ready! :D coughWikicough

Medal Report


Ma`ar-Tyrius Ga-Tir x1 <- but he transferred out..:(


JScumm x1


Odin Vaaj x1

Rade "Venquis" Tamalar x1


JScumm x1

Ashura "Megos" Isradia x1

Odin Vaaj x1


Odin Vaaj x2


JScumm x1

Odin Vaaj x1


JScumm x4

Scyrone x4

Qu-Le Brog x1

Odin Vaaj x2

Devarios Kirill x9

Rade "Venquis" Tamalar x23


JScumm x2

Odin Vaaj x2

Nice work, everyone! :) Grats on the GJW medals! :)

Promotions Report

None that I saw, this week around. Some next time, I expect. :)

Education Report

Drodik - Pre-Republic History, History of the Sith Empire 1, Marksmanship

Rich Gun - Marksmanship

Sight - Leadership Applications, Marksmanship, Pre-Republic History, History of the Sith Emipre 1

Arturius Klee - Conflict Mediation

Rade "Venquis" Tamalar - Krath CORE

Xar Khan - History of the Sith Empire 1

Neophyte - Leadership Applications

WOW! This is a huge and very welcome turnout from the Shadow Academy Campus! You guys have done extremely great this week. :) Far more than I was expecting, or hoping; you guys suprise me like this, and it is one of the coolest things ever! :P

Antei Combat Centre

APP Neophyte (Winner) vs. DA Dalthid -> Qualifies, and is now a Neophyte (rank..LOL)! Well done!

Transfers Report


KAP Vithril

OP Warhunter

OT Drodik

DJK Callus

DJK Desdemonea

ACO Granack

APP Neophyte

APP itachi

Welcome! :D


AWOLs: Can I get off without listing them, please? :( They didn't want to be here anyway, so poo on them. :)

Smoke20 transfers to Taldryan, and Halcyon Transfers to Taldryan


You guys...are...well, just WOW! I am amazed by the show of support and activity presented by you guys this week. :D You have outdone yourselves, once again, and for that I'm very grateful and proud of everyone! :) I have never had a House as determined and willing as you guys are, to making change happen - that change being restoring HOO back to glory and fun! :P This has been a very good week, I must say. I have to congratulate every single one of you for your willingness, dedication, and ability in helping HOO get going again. :) Awesome job well done, guys, and here comes another week! :D </li>

</td> </tr> <tr> <td id="titles" align="center">::: In Dark Service :::</td> </tr> <tr> <td id="text" align="center">


**Prelate Rade "Venquis" Tamalar

Oriens Obscurum Aedile**

:::!Darkness Forever!:::

</td> </tr> <tr> <td id="titles" align="center">::: House Oriens Obscurum, Clan Arcona, Dark Jedi Brotherhood :::</td> </tr> </table>

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