Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Greetings all,

This last week has been a good one for Acclivis Draco, with the awards given out from the GJW, lots of people getting the recognition they truly deserve for their efforts.

House News:

The HAD Quaestor position is currently open for applications, to be sent to Dakari and Braecen.

Both Drynwyn’s Flame and Draco Conspicari still have spots open for members, anyone ranked ACO or higher may chose to apply for membership within either team. Contact either the BTL or myself.


ACO Dorn Velvok – promoted from NOV

GRD Maximilian Kandra – promoted from PRT


DJM Kaiann Yetaru Entar – awarded Dark Cross

PRT Brijha Mortashka – awarded Dark Cross

KP RevengeX Palpatine - awarded Grand Cross of the Dark Side, Gold Nova, Silver Nova, Bronze Nova, Seal of Duplicity x17, Cluster of Fire x 64

KPN Saitou – awarded Steel Cross, Gold Nova x2, Seal of Duplicity x7

JH Cornix – awarded Steel Cross, Gold Nova, Cluster of Fire x127, Seal of Duplicity x3

PRT gavan – awarded Star of Antei, Bronze Nova, Cluster of Fire x68, Seal of Duplicity x4

JH Laurus – awarded Star of Antei, Gold Nova, Cluster of Fire x59, Seals of Duplicity x8

DJK Korbin – awarded Star of Antei, Gold Nova, Cluster of Fire x37, Seal of Duplicity x5

KAP Rhaub D'ar Aghasett Palpatine – awarded Dark Cross, Seal of Duplicity

KPN Cuchulain Darkblade Palpatine – awarded Dark Cross, Seal of Duplicity x3

SW Thran Occasus - awarded Dark Cross, Gold Nova, Cluster of Fire, Seal of Duplicity x3

DJK Uzbad Zol Tamalar – awarded Seal of Duplicity x10

GRD Libra Tzo – awarded Seal of Duplicity

DJK Rasilvenaira StormRaven – awarded Crescent with Sapphire Star, Cluster of Fire x618, Gold Nova x2, Silver Nova, Bronze Nova, Seal of Duplicity x25

SA Courses:

KP RevengeX Palpatine, passed Leadership Fundamentals

ACO Dorn Velvok, passed Marksmanship

DJK Uzbad Zol Tamalar, passed Marksmanship

New Members:

APP Durza Deathdawn


DJM Kaiann Yetaru Entar

KAP Adam Anderson

Departing Members:

KAP al`Lan Mandragoran


DB Wide:

GJW - an Aftermath

Ends 9/16, chance for 1st level crescents! Hurry and enter soon!

Lyrical Composition: Sith

Ends 10/1

September Monthly Topics

Ends 9/30, chance for 2nd level crescents!

Run the Gauntlet (JA/JO)

Starts 9/25

Clan Wide:

HAD Library and Gallery Acquisitions Dept.

Open to all members of CSP. (Starts 9/10)

Family Crest

(Starts 9/10)

House Wide:

Alright, who stole it!??

Acclivis Draco, Ends 9/30

The Heart of a Dragon

Acclivis Draco, Ends 9/30


Lost in Thranslation...

Draco Conspicari, Ends 9/9 Hurry and enter soon!

Draco Conspicari - Word Search: 1

Draco Conspicari, Ends 9/11

Draco Monthly - Fiction - The Sortie Challenge

Draco Conspicari, Ends 9/30

Drynwyn's Flame Krayt Dragon Hunt

Drynwyn's Flame, Ends 9/30

Drynwyn's Flame Time Capsule

Drynwyn's Flame, Ends 9/30

Drynwyn's Flame Logo

Drynwyn's Flame, Starts 9/20

Wielding Drynwyn's Flame

Drynwyn's Flame, Starts 9/30

Why Drynwyn's Flame r0xx0rz your s0xx0rz

Drynwyn's Flame, Starts 10/10

Random Thought for the Week:

“Start by doing what is necessary; then do what is possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” ~ St. Francis of Assisi

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