Obelisk Sergeant Report


Obelisk Sergeant Report

Drodik stepped into his new officewhich overlooked the training sqare of the newly formed Obelisk Battle team. Pulling up a datapad he began to press a sequence of numbers.

Hello Everyone.   

Welcome to the new 'Obelisk'Battleteam. Please forgive me on the boringness of the report, as I don't have any graphics. Well, here we are, at another beginning. So to make this report a bit shorter lets get into the good stuff.  


-New BT Obelisk formed earlier this week. Still expecting a couple of new members.  

-GJW is over (bout time) Congratz to those who did a good job  

-Transfers- Big thanks to those who transfered into Arcona, like myself, I hope we can all do some good for Arcona.  


As most of us don't use the MB's as much as the next guy. We use either mIRC or the Undernet website. Communication is very important. Its important as we get to know each other and get to talk to one another. If you are having trouble with mIRC or the undernet website please contact me and I'll be more than welcome to help you ut.  


I've never used graphics in my reports so I'd like to change that. If anyone knows how to make graphics I could really use some simple ones as headers for topics in the reports. And If anyones interested in taching me how to use them that would be greatly appreciated.  


Cr-1E-Ashura "Megos" Isradia (4782): Clan Weekly Trivia  

CFx1-Dorn Ty'Rodius Ravr (5648): Thursday Nght Gaming  

Congrats both of you Good job.  


You've all heard about Them So lets get to them. First Competition is:  

I'll be releasing some competitions in the next few days so keep an eye out for them.  

BT Naming: You are all part of this BT so lets get ourselves a name. It's your decision, so lets make it. Submit your entries to AED Venquis. All members participate please.   

Weekly Trivia: You know what to do, you've gotten the emails so get to it :).   


I anyone has ANY suggestions or wishes to lend some extra help for the team. I would be more than thankful for it. Whatever you can do for the team is appreciated.  


Thats all thats been happening this week so lets get more active and kick some ass. Hope you all have a good week and stay safe.

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