Sith Commander Report


Sith Commander Report

Pandragon Report #1

Greetings Pandragon Members

For the first time, after Pandragon , as the Sith Battle Team of HOO was called back from such period of emptyness; we, as the new personnel of Pandragon gather here, in its new headquarters in Eldar; the novel planet that Clan Arcona has chosen to use as the recent center of operations for about nine months. Welcome everyone, and I am sure I will see nothing less of fresh spirits, keen and continuous effort from all of us to bring back the glory of Pandragon in HOO and Arcona.

My name is Odin Vaaj and I am the new leader of Pandragon. It will be the place to us to share and help each other, making a solid family bond and through it; we will conquer any challenges that come to us. There is no inability instead of unwilling. DB has provided plenty of challenges that will sharpen our skill through effort and practice. It is worth it and here is the place we can enjoy it.

I will never ask you to do something impossible. However activity is a challenge for you, and I expect it to be always maintained. Although Pandragon is based on the Sith order, which strives for the superiority in space and flight, it will accommodate other platforms, such as writing or ground combat gaming. My only request that you stay in the team with continuous activity (enter every competition challenge as much as you can do ), conquer your inability as your self improvement and enhance your ability as a Dark Jedi

We have eight members in our team so far, six flight members, App Tuhl, App Neophyte, Nov Borg, Nov Armon, Aco Drian and Aco Notorshin; one flight leader – Prelate Warhunter and me as the flight commander. Stay in contact to me and to each other through IRC and email to share the fun. Come to me with any thoughts, problems you may have or even tips :P. We are here as a team, a family of Pandragon and I am more than will to help you.

Now we come to specific spots.


DB Wide

  •  [ September Monthly Topic (MT) : An alternate life ](, poetry, fiction and graphic   
  •   [ GJW Aftermath ]( until 9/16/2006   
  •      Multiplayer Gaming Day in #dbgaming (Tuesday, Thursday, and other Sunday besides SIT).  
  •     ICTE every Saturday in #outerrim  


None at the moment, but perhaps soon..


Weekly Trivia, check the questions on your email inbox, this week the host is Arturius.


Coming next week. Stay tuned to your mail boxes :P.

Shadow Academy and Awards

Shadow Academy is the place that we could always learn something new and test our knowledge and skill there are some new subjects released recently to study. I am very proud during my first days here in the headquarters; some of you have already passed them well during those days. Well done, keep it up!

Acolyte Sight Nortorshin : Leadership Applications, Marksmanship, Pre-Republic History, History of the Sith Empire I.

App Neophyte : Leadership Applications, ACC Initiates Course; ACC Rank Updated as Neophyte (CL:1) (Is this coincidence?:P).

OP Warhunter : Pre-Republic History.

JH Odin Vaaj : CR-E; CR- x2; CR-T;CFx2; LSS x2.

Hope to see the others activity in the upcoming weeks..

Final word

Let's strive to make Pandragon the best team in Arcona!

In the space of Darkness,

~ Odin

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