Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

RevengeX sat up after having laid down under the shade of one of the few trees on the planet of Antenora, the home planet of House Acclivis Draco. The Tetrarch was sincerely worn out by the past events including the rebuilding of several parts of Clan Scholae Palatinae's headquarters on Judecca, recently bombarded during the Sixth Great Jedi War. Many memos and messages had been sent out to the leaders of the Houses and Clan from toilets not working to bed sheets missing. The Archpriest yawned as he sat there and watched other people play around. A hesitant Apprentice neared the tree and was trying to sit under it when he was suddenly pushed backwards (;D). The young Dark Jedi ran away quickly towards the main House Headquarters building. Revenge stood up and stretched, feeling the blood flow out and then into his head quickly. 'Shouldn't have stood up so fast,' he thought as the world flew around in his dizzying haze. 'Oh yea, report time. Time flies so quickly when you stay at your desk reading hundreds of memos...' Grabbing a piece of paper and pen while sitting back down, leaning on the tree, he began to write...


In accordance with our Clan Summit's new plans about Battle Teams, Drynwyn's Flame has opened up several positions for its members to apply for. Currently, I have received two applications. Those in Drynwyn's Flame have been emailed with the information, and I remind those members once again that applications (one or two paragraphs, even a sentence or two) are due October 15th. I have sent another draft of my Honorary Members System thing to the House and Clan Summits, I'm waiting for a reply, but there are many other things going on in the Clan that probably require a higher priority number, so I respect that. :)

Also know that I have received VERY few entries to my competitions for the BT, so if you submit an entry, you'll most probably receive a medal.


Communication. This word creates the image and idea of one of the - if not the most - important aspect of leadership and the membership. It is often something that is overlooked, but hopefully, I guarantee you all that I will NOT make that mistake that can lead to dire consequences. If I do not communicate clearly and interact with the unit that I have been put in charge of, I'm definitely not doing my job right. However, I also want the members to communicate with me personally as well. I know that many of the members already do and that some members are unable to because of real life problems, but I encourage every member to provide suggestions and ideas to me so that I can make your experience in Drynwyn's Flame an enjoyable one.


This week was nothing special, but I still want as many people as possible participating in the weekly Clan trivia event in #scholae (what hypocrisy...)!

KAP RevengeX Palpatine ( [Log in to view e-mail addresses]):

-Awarded Cluster of Fire x6

-IRC Presence

DJM Nathaniel ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]):

-IRC Presence

KPN Cuchulain Darkblade Palpatine ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]):

-IRC Presence

KE Timbal Palpatine ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]):

-IRC Presence

KP Exodius ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]):

-IRC Presence

KP Uzbad Zol Tamalar ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]):

-IRC Presence

GRD Libra Tzo ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]):

-IRC Presence

PRT Krayn Cotelin ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]):

-Still out of contact


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Wielding Drynwyn's Flame (Starts 9/30)

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Quite Quick Quirky Quotations (Starts 10/1)

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Why Drynwyn's Flame r0xx0rz your s0xx0rz (Starts 10/10)

Yay for Top Ten lists! Only takes at most ten minutes!


[19:56:24] <braecen> PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!

[19:56:43] <braecen> WHERE YA AT? WHERE YA AT!


"Let us take things as we find them: let us not distort them into what they are not. We cannot make facts. All our wishing cannot change them. We must use them."

-John Henry Cardinal Newman (1801-1890)

Have a great week! Don't get too many mosquito bites or a giant avulsion on the ankle (like me)!

-RevengeX </braecen></braecen>

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