Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

-September 22 2006-

Report two: I see dead people

  1. News of the Weird

  2. Roster & Awards

  3. Competitions

  4. Raven's Random Ramblings

News of the Weird

You are all dead! DEAD!! And if you don't get active, I'll kill you AGAIN! So there isn't anything to report this week, except for actually doing the report. People, I'm disappointed.

Roster & Awards


DJK Raven

ACO D Draconis

APP Ravin

APP Jasik Dramis

DJK Lech

APP bakorm

APP Dalek Zilar

NOV Seraphin

ACO Sasuke Uchiha

ACO Maron Kayvana


Do something! Stop being dead!

One of our Frigates is Missing - Fiction, Run on, and Graphics comp

Naga Sadow Trivia Challenge

Lyrical Composition: Sith

September Monthly Topic – Alternate Lives

Gaming Events

[CNS] - The smarted Black Guard for HLKs Quaestor

CNS Historical Campaign

Raven's Random Ramblings

Life has been...hectic. Schools been tough, but I'm managing, with enough time to do these reports and stuff. And I just noticed you had to set the date for them. hehe. I need to pay a little more attention. I have new computer with 22" screen, and that;s fun to play with now, and a windows tower with it, and I'm keeping my laptop, so I have LEVEL 10 NERD POWER! Muwahahahahahahahahaha!

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