Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report


Well, this one may be a long one. Looks like we've been kinda busy... With furtherado, heres the report!

Shadow Academy:



Rannik has been awarded 3 Cluster of Fire(s)!

Niman has been awarded Cluster of Fire and a Crescent with Emrald Star!

Dax has been awarded Cluster of Fire!

Antei Combat Center:

Achilles battle against Dalyrake has been judged! Achilles has the victory! Great Job!!!


None, but there will be atleast two on there way to Jedi Hunter within due-time. (Hopefully)


OK, BT KV is looking for some recruits, if you are willing to be an ACTIVE member of a/the BT, then by all means, please send me an e-mail or catch me on mIRC. This is a MAJOR time of need for the BT and myself, you could say that. Over the past few months KV has lost some of its members, this is the reason why we need more Recruites!!!

Well, I guess thats it for this week, kinda disappointed though, but thats all in a BTL's day of work! :P

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