Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

There's been a lot of activity this week, and a few things I need to mention first.

Clan News:

The Dark Paladin (a member of the month scheme) should be in place soon.

The Clan website is almost finished, and is undergoing some minor changes

We'll be getting some new clan powers soon, keep an eye open

The cats and squirrels may be abolished from fiction, and replaced with some more... deadly creature, preferably one that actually exists in the SW galaxy

House News:

House run-on is still up, but not going very far.

Feel free to post

OK, now onto the activity report.


Zeron won the Nightmare bt motto competition, but Tyno decided to use an old samauri motto instead.

Still, Zeron was awarded a Topaz star

Xen has been awarded a Grand Cross for his efforts as an AED.

Much deserved too, thanks for all your hard work, and congratulations Xen.

Tyno has won 26 CFs for Thursday gaming

Zeron won 3

Malaki also won 3

Ood and Zeron were both awarded a LSS for running and winning trivia respectively


Morias Ryan has been promoted to NOV. Congrats

SA completion

Test of Agility Passed: Zeron (Sith)

Alchemy Basics Passed: Zeron (Sith)

History of the Sith Empire I Passed: Kol Tatsu (Obelisk)

Marksmanship Passed: Kol Tatsu (Obelisk)

Leadership Fundamentals Passed: Cethgus (Obelisk)


KAP Munesanzun Mitsukai Isradia (aka Mune) has left CSP due to a strong dislike to certain members, and will be missed.

On a brighter note, JH Pranja Berkana has joined Caliburnus.

Welcome to the House Pranja.

Thats all from me.


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