Aedile Report


Aedile Report

Quite a fair number of competitions out for you all to do, so please participate!

Tale of a Warrior

Fiction (.rtf format) 1+ pages, single-spaced. Ends 10/14/06. E-mail entries to GRD Max ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and PCON Braecen ([Log in to view e-mail addresses])

Details: The Sixth Great Jedi War has concluded. In an effort to mop up outlying pockets of enemy resistance, the Consul and Proconsul have issued a decree. They have given each member in the clan a squad of commandos, a location and the mission to disrupt and destroy these pockets of resistance. Soldiers come by the dozen, equipped with what their superior officer commands of them. The locations are completely random, but remain within a short distance of the CSP system. Retell your tale or bravery and/or dominance of these enemies of the Royal Clan.

CSP Clan Trivia

15-20 Stars Wars, DB, and clan related questions. Every Friday on the clan IRC channel.

Test of Might

ACC Competition. Please participate! Challenge me, Xen’Mordin, in a 4+2 battle. The top two combatants will get a chance to fight Braecen.

Family Crest

This competition is a trial for Cethgus’s knighthood. Create your own family crest. Email submissions to Cethgus and Braecen.

The Nature of the Force

Battleteam Nightshade Squadron, write a story of how you reach a breakthrough in the force. Send Submissions to Ood

Nightshade/Nightmare Logos

Respective members of Nightshade and Nightmare, create a logo for your BT! Send submissions to Ood.

Quest for the Unholy Keys

Ood has misplaced the keys for his starship. Write a story (1+ pages) about finding them. Send entries to Ood.

HC Runon: Hunt for the Blade Caliburnus

I am going to really push this one on you all. We need a long LONG run-on here. If this goes well, House Caliburnus will officially have an artifact, the legendary Caliburnus blade. The run-on is still picking up its pace, so please hop on board with this.

That’s it for this week. Hope you all have a good week. Xen’Mordin

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