Aedile Report


Aedile Report

_JH Odin Vaaj Bruth'Kothae (Sith) #6447

Aedile of Oriens Obscurum

House Oriens Obscurum

Clan Arcona_


Greetings my brothers and sisters in House Oriens Obscurum,

Wow! Perhaps it's the first and sincere expression of me, seeing your remarkable activities, such efforts from you to this House, your battleteams and of course your self character improvements. What I would like to expect from you is your the continuousity to be active, not just spiking for a moment and then idle for such period of time. If that idle requires you urgently in case of real life events, dont forget to send the notification to your BTL and house summits. We are here with care and concern, so share to us your problems and hope here.

Several competitions are still running. For you who havent taken part, please do enjoy some competitions to improve your character or take other tasks to flourish Oriens.

I have released the first edition of Oriens Obscurum weekly, the HOO competition news. For the next edition, it will report the hot news deeper, the interbattle team turmoil, between Bas-Tyra (HOO) and Soulfire (Galeres). Stay tuned to your inbox!

No more I would like to say but, thank you and keep up the good work! Well done to all of you!

Now we go to specific spots which are really amazing me.


Sunday Tournament Invitation Special! 11 Arconans have been qualified, and there is still a chance for you to be qualified. Play ICTE at least against one non clan mates. Double point 1vs1, triple points in team format, double CF's for all platforms...dont miss it, folks. Enjoy this special SIT!

New EPs in Shadow Academy have been selected. JH Bane (Sith Alchemy) and SBM Aabsdu (Marksmenship). So for you who want to have your exams on those subjects, now it's your time.

I have released the first edition of Oriens Obscurum weekly, the HOO competition news. For the next edition, it will report the hot news deeper, the interbattle team turmoil, between Bas-Tyra (HOO) and Soulfire (Galeres). Stay tuned to your inbox!


DB Wide

[September Monthly Topic (MT) : An alternate life ](

3) , poetry,

fiction and graphic

SIT Special on 09/24/2006! Be there in #dbgaming if you've been qualified!

Multiplayer Gaming Day in #dbgaming (Tuesday, Thursday, and other Sunday besides SIT).

For upcoming events in #dbgaming are :

[Run the Gauntlet](


[Empire at War Tourney](


ICTE every Saturday in #outerrim

Jac Funny Competition! Check it here

Clan Arcona

[[Arcona]The Grand Open Run-On](


[[Arcona]The Sentinel-ACC Ladder](


[[Arcona]Blade Master-JA Ladder](



[[HOO]Weekly Trivia](

)check the questions on your email inbox, this week the host is me. Last week winners are Neophyte, JScumm . Congrats!

[[HOO] Sacrum Diis Logo](


[[HOO]Victor De Obscurum](


[Legion of Boral](

0) will be granted by the Clan Summits at the end of the month.

[HOO Armor](

9) is extended for a week.

[[Sacrum Diis]Logo](


HOO Battle Teams

[[Sacrum Diis]Paint Sabers](

8) end date updated to 10/2/2006

[[Sacrum Diis]Battleteam Base Design](


[[Sacrum Diis]Motto](

8) is over, and it has a motto now. _Sanctus

Sto Procerus ~The Sacred Stand Tall_. Congrats to DJK Ashura "Megos" Isradia for the first winner.The second winner is DJK Callus Bo'Amar, with: The Gods of War smile on us. Medals have been on their ways.

[[Pandragon]Motto for Pandragon](


[[Pandragon]Logo for Pandragon](






Welcome to Apprentices Kyron, Etah and Tranos. Be at home :)




_APP Etah _: Test of Wisdom, Pre-Republic History, Lightsaber

Studies, Marksmanship, Advanced Test of Wisdom, Alchemy Basics, Leadership Studies, Leadership Applications, Leaderhip Fundamentals.

NOv Sacche Tuhl : Pre-Republic History, IRC Basic

ACO Krakkenthrrar: Training Saber, Marksmanship, History of the Sith Empire I

PRT Neophyte : Test of Wisdom, Lightsaber Studies, Advanced Test of Wisdom, Marksmanship

GRD JScumm : Lightsaber studies.

GRD Dorn Ty'Rodius Ravr : AOL Instant Messenger

GRD Bran Redmow : Dark Jedi Meditation,

GRD Arturius Tyr Klee : Leadership Applications, MSN Messenger, Pre-Republic History, Marksmanship

DJK Callus Bo'Amar : Lightsaber studies

DJK Ashura "Megos" Isradia : Pre-Republic History, History of the Sith Empire I


Nov Jaxion : CFx2

ACO Qu-Le Brog : CFx2

PRT Sight Nortorshin : DCx1,Cr-Sx1, CFx7

PRT Neophyte : Cr-Ex1

GRD JScumm : CFx9

GRD Arturis Tyr Klee : Cr-Tx1, LSSx1

JH Scyrone : CFx5

JH Odin Vaaj : LSSx2, CFx5

DJK Ashura "Megos" Isradia : LSS x1, Cr-Sx1

DJK Callus Bo'Amar : Cr-Ex1

OP Warhunter : LSS x2

OP Rade "Venquis" Tamalar : LSSx2


ACO Neophyte promoted to PRT


Arcona Website

Promotional Guide

Master/Student Program

IRC Guide

Leadership Guidelines

HOO Messageboard


As usual, keep up the good work! For the members who have felt done their parts, dont worry, we keep the track and necessary recs go through the queue. A bit patient, okay. If you got any question, comment or suggestion, feel free to contact Venquis, me and Alex. We are here for you.

In Darkness,

JH Odin Vaaj Bruth'Kothae(Sith)/AED/Oriens Obscurum of Arcona

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