Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Hello everybody, it's your new TET Hel-Pa Sklib. Now this is my first report, so don't make fun 'o me [i]too[/i] badly. I have yet to decide if I want want to make these IC or OOC, but for the time being I will stick to OOC for simplicity's sake.

First thing I would like to talk about is... the Great Jedi War! I know some of you were active in it and well, others were not. As for the status on our members in Hex, I was promoted twice received a gazillion CF's, and six Seal's of Duplicity. I have seen Darkamiz on IRC, so it's always a good thing to know you are active. By the way, if anybody has questions or needs help with anything regarding promotion, just ask! Either myself, Alanna, Ricco, Crix, or Chaos will steer you in the right direction. Vodo received four Seal of Duplicity's and was promoted to Dark Jedi Knight, congrats! You may have seen Betja in the news page a while back, but he recently got promoted to Dark Side Adept, wow! Malevelont also received four SoD's, and I can't recollect if he was promoted during the GJW or not. Carth, come on man! Let's get some activity rockin! Email me if you have any questions on stuff to do, 'cus there's a ton! Zach, I know that you've been trying to get that character sheet in, but try harder! You're so close! Raistline, wherever you ran off to, we want you back!

Our second order of business involves Battleteam Activity. I'm planning to formulate a BT-wide email trivia session, and I have yet to decide the award based on entries. If I receive fewer than three, I'll make it Ektrosis-wide, and ante up the stakes a little bit for you slackers! Secondly, I know Ektrosis is all about writing and stuff, but we love to play games as well! See if you can catch anyone on IRC, and if you own a game, play it!

I think that's all for now, expect that trivia to be emailed to you within a week, and I'll include the deadline of the trivia with the email.

                                                                           -- Jedi Hunter Sklib--

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