Aedile Report


Aedile Report

_JH Odin Vaaj Bruth'Kothae (Sith) #6447

Aedile of Oriens Obscurum

House Oriens Obscurum

Clan Arcona_


Greetings my brothers and sisters in Oriens Obscurum,

It's rather beyond the schedule since I have such problem with the cold, but now it is okay with the help of adequate treatment. Anyway, for you, I'll be always giving my time and finally, here is my report.

Some competitions will reach their end dates, so be hurry if you want to join. Two new events released, one is DJB Personal WIKI for Clan Arcona Wide (Amethyst for the first!), and the second is about the war of Bas-Tyra members against Soulfire. Actually, there are five competitions for Bas-Tyra: ACC matches, Fiction, Graphic, Multiplayer Game, and Runon. Bas-Tyra members, provide all your effort and win against Soulfire!

After observing the chart, actually the past week was rather decelerated in rhytm. Well, facing the new month, I wish we all have fresh spirit again, being active, and for that case, we will provide you more competitions. Stay tuned, mates!

Nevertheless, thank you and keep up the good work! Well done to all of you!

Now we go to specific spots.


Sunday Invitational Tournament Special has finished, and our clan now has the third in points (1920) with the first place of highest participation. Congratulations to everyone! However, the recent Gaming Tribune, SBL Ma'ar-Tyrius Ga-tir has resigned. It was shocking, however real life has taken first as the way it is. Anyway, thank you for your remarkable work, Tribune Ga-tir. We will never forget your distinction of commendable gaming service to us

Following that resignation, Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master have opened the opportunity to apply for Gaming Tribune position. For you who are interested the time is until 11:59 EST, October 3rd with specific job consideration as this and the application goes to GM Jac Cotelin and DGM Xanos Sadow respectively.

This weekend ICTE will have three special events : Rancor Kill, Tauntaun racing, and Merc Wars. It is new events as introduced in the ICTE Proposal. Come and enjoy the fun!

A new Knight Adjutant selected. Congratulations for DJK Rasilvenaira on her new position


DB Wide

[September Monthly Topic (MT) : Alternate lives ](

3) , poetry,

fiction and graphic, will end this Saturday.

Multiplayer Gaming Day in #dbgaming (Tuesday, Thursday, and other Sunday besides SIT).

For upcoming events in #dbgaming are :

Run the Gauntlet

Empire at War Tourney

ICTE every Saturday in #outerrim, check out the new events, Rancor Kill, Tauntaun racing, and Merc Wars, in details here

Jac Funny Competition! Check it here

Clan Arcona

[Arcona]Personal Wiki

[Arcona]The Grand Open Run-On

[Arcona]The Sentinel-ACC Ladder

[Arcona]Blade Master-JA Ladder


[HOO]Weekly Triviacheck the questions on your email inbox, this week the host is me. Last week winners are DJK Ashura and DJK Callus Bo'Amar. Congrats!

[HOO] Sacrum Diis Logo

[HOO]Victor De Obscurum

Legion of Boral will be granted by the Clan Summits at the end of the month.

HOO ArmorThe winners are PRT Neophyte and OT Drodik Va'lence al'Tor

[Sacrum Diis]Logo

HOO Battle Teams

[Soulfire v Bas-Tyra] Supremacy - ACC

[Soulfire v Bas-Tyra] Supremacy - MP

[Soulfire v Bas-Tyra] Supremacy - Fiction

[Soulfire v Bas-Tyra] Supremacy - GFX

[Soulfire v Bas-Tyra] Supremacy - RO

[Sacrum Diis]Paint Sabers end date updated to 10/2/2006

[Sacrum Diis]Battleteam Base Design

[Pandragon]Motto for Pandragon

[Pandragon]Logo for Pandragon




Welcome to Apprentice Aggy. Be at home :)


GRD Arturius Tyr Klee to CSP


_APP Aidyn Wolfwood _ completed : Pre-Republic History

NOV Jaxion completed : Obelisk Core

PRT Neophyte completed : Obelisk Core

GRD JScumm completed : Obelisk Core

GRD Arturius Tyr Klee completed : History of Sith Empire I

DJK Desdemonea completed : Alchemy Basics, Conflict Mediation, Force Philosophy, ACC Initiates Course


PRT Neophyte : Crescent with Sapphire Star x1, Legion of the scholar x1

GRD JScumm : Cluster of Fire x7, Legion of the Scholar x1

JH Odin Vaaj : Cluster of Fire x32, Crescent with Emerald Star x1

DJK Ashura "Megos" Isradia : Crescent with Topaz star x1

OT Drodik Va'lence al'Tor : Crescent with Emerald Star x1

OP Rade "Venquis" Tamalar : Cluster of Fire x2, Scroll of Indoctrination x1, Legion of the Scholar x1


None at this week


Arcona Website

Promotional Guide

Master/Student Program

IRC Guide

Leadership Guidelines

HOO Messageboard


Well, overall performance is great. Once more for Bas-Tyra members, fight! We will energize you. If you have any question, comment or suggestion, as usual, feel free to contact the house summits. Communication is the key and we are here for you in wideband of communication channel :)

In Darkness,

JH Odin Vaaj Bruth'Kothae(Sith)/AED/Oriens Obscurum of Arcona

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