Proconsul Report


Proconsul Report

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  :: Clan Plagueis PCON Report :: </td>

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        <font size="5">Clan Plagueis PCON Report #<!-- #BeginEditable "repno" -->5<!-- #EndEditable --></font>  

        <!-- #BeginEditable "date" -->30 September<!-- #EndEditable -->, 2006  

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        ::  **From PCON/SBM Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar al'Tor**  :: </td>
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Clan Plagueis




~ As always, #plagueis is rated PG-13, so any sex talk or excessive cursing will be handled with a kick or ban. I don't mind some cursing, but there are nastier words that I hate, as well as a limit that many of you have been pushing lately. One or two curses here and there isn't a problem, but if you do it over and over again and people start complaining then it is a problem. Also, I myself do not tolerate the F-word, so I'd recommend not using that at all. House summit members have the ability to kick members who curse excessively or talk about sex, and then Sarin and I are able to ban those who continue to do it even after being warned a number of times. Also, to all those that join #plagueis, if you ever see Lenzar in any form you are to ban him immediately.

~ Sistros is almost to where the clan summit wants it! Right now I'm working to try and get some stuff working more smoothly, and then it'll pretty much be finished. After that, we'll start working on filling the rest of the positions on the roster

~ The clan feudal system is also finished! Basically it gives members ownership of certain areas of land. Bubba is working on a roster for it to go on the clan website, and then tonight I'll also be making pages for all the information. So, to put it simple, we're super busy right now with new projects being finished up! Also, right now only leaders will be given land ownership, but once the system is in place for a while we'll be able to allow regular members land as well.

~ Congratulations to Ky on his promoted to Templar, as well as Orzon on his promotion to Archpriest! Raken was also appointed Quaestor of House Satal Keto as Silent left due to RL. With that, the position of Aedile is now open to applications until October 3rd or something like that.

~ Battle Teams: Blades of Kun and Keto's Vengeance have been closed. The lack of interest in Battle Teams have made it clear that we do not need two per house. I have moved all active members from Blades of Kun into Exar's Shadow and I have moved all active members from Keto's Vengeance into Satal Victus. I have not deleted the teams, but placed them as invisible on the Dark Brotherhood website. When we generate enough demand for members to be on an additional team, I will reopen them.Satal's Victus will continue to be lead by Kal, but the position of Battle Team Leader of Exar's Shadow is open to applications. Applicants should send their applications to Bubba, Ky, Aabs, Consul Dantes, and Orzon. Applicants must have the ability to communicate through the written word, they must be energetic, and they must be willing to put forth the effort required to make a successful battle team.

~ Welcome to Pug and Lena, both of whom and rejoined one of the best clans in the brotherhood! You'll live it here, I promise.

~ Just a hint, the Clan Challenges page was taken off the website, but the challenges still exist. Just this time you guys won't know when you've completed one of them. So, keep those chronicle articles and shadow academy courses coming! Speaking of the chronicle, articles are now closed saved for one I'm trying to get. I'll be emailing the list to Tolter soon, and the edition should be out around Wednesday.

~ The Protector of Plagueis ACC Ladder is still running. Right now it's in Round 2 with very few participants, but participants nonetheless. To see who's fighting who, just go to the clan ACC hall.

~ Smoke has resigned as Gaming Tribune due to a number of reasons. With that said, applications are now being taken, and should be sent to the Dark Council. You must, of course, be an active gamer and be able to follow rules well. While we're on the subject, I'd like to give a hand out to all of you who have been gaming recently in the name of the clan. There have been a number of you, but Dax in prticular has been doing very well. We owe you one!

<font color="darkred">****</font>




Sarin: Amethyst Kukri x1

Niman: Dark Cross x1 - CF x28

Vasily: CF x7

Dax: CF x57

Garik: CF x1

CoFo: CF x5

Schisca: CF x2

Jaden: CF x2

Raken: (D)Crescent x1

Achilles: (S)Crescent x1


Dax Corrin: Battlemaster

Orzon: Archpriest

Ky Terrak: Templar

Shadow Academy

Orzon: Krath CORE - Marksmanship - Lightsaber Studies - Pre-Republic History - History of the Sith Empire I - IRC Channel Operator - Force Philosophy

Theophilus: Sith CORE

Sarin: History of the Sith Empire I

CoFo: Marksmanship

Garik: AOL Instant Messenger - ICQ Studies

Enamor: Marksmanship



There are a lot of projects that I'm working on as PCON. This section is where I'll list them and give a little information on what they are and how far in progress they all are. Often times this section will be your peek into the secret room where the summits discuss important matters

~ I'm still working towards getting all the Wiki articles set up. As you can see, there's still a few that aren't finished, but by the end of the day I know of at least four that will be completed. The project is going really well, despite being behind schedule, but oh well, I'll live. Also, this number will probably go up once I go through the histories and find any stuff that can be turned into its own article.

1) Clan Plagueis

2) House Exar Kun

3) House Satal Keto(DONE)

4) Battle Team Exar's Shadow

5) Battle Team Blades of Kun

6) Battle Team Keto's Vengeance

7) Battle Team Satal Victus(DONE)

8) Crimson Tide

9) Jusadih System

10) Sigil 1(DONE)

11) Nintura

12) Shintera(DONE)

13) Morroth

14) Aerun(DONE)

15) Acarr System

16) Alonzo Bodelle(DONE)

17) Nemo Dupar(DONE)

18) Jonah Kraul(DONE)

19) Calliban Crimson(DONE)

20) Ravian Pulastra(DONE)

21) Semyon Cain(DONE)

22) Aerunian(DONE)

~ I'm also working on a Clan Epic Run-on that will run whenever I finish it. To put the plot simple, it will involve all of the clan enemies, which can be found on the House Exar Kun website but soon on the clan website, attacking the clans. It's going to be big, and a few of the people will die. I've only got a little bit written so far, but from what I have thought up it's going to be pretty sweet.

~ As usual, if you want to know everything that the leaders are currently working on, then look on the Clan Calendar. Here is where everything is listed, so I highly suggest that you use it as much as possible.



DB-wide Competitions

"Sunday Tournament" (Every Sunday!)

"Tuesday Tournament" (Every Tuesday!)

"Thursday Tournament" (Every Thursday!)

"Inter-club Training Event" (Every Saturday!)

Internal Clan/House Competitions

Protector of Plagueis

Plagueis Weekly Caption Contest Part Deux

Plagueis Shadow Training

Plagueis Monthly ACC Duel

October Picture Promt

The Unseen Eye

[CP]Banner Competition

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        :: **In Dark Service to the Brotherhood** :: </td>
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I have an Open-Door policy, so people are welcome to see me at any time about anything.


<font color="red">Clan Plagueis Proconsul Sith Battlemaster Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar al'Tor</font>

<font color="red">"_"A leader is nothing without people to lead.

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.

Seeing isn't Believing; Believing is Seeing."_"


                 ::Life and Death through Darkness ::  


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 ** :: Clan Plagueis :: **</td>

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