Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

RevengeX breathed in the strict, cool mountain air that surrounded his body after having climbed up one of the mountains surrounding House Acclivis Draco's headquarters. He had just gotten back from Drynwyn's Tower and needed a break from all the work and messages laden on his desk. It was tough being a leader, but he knew that if he did well, the Clan would benefit from his sacrifices and he would get a small bit of achievement to be worn high. The Archpriest was in his ordinary attire of a purple tunic underneath a purple with blue trim robe. Now that the Great Jedi War and its after effects had worn off, the Clan was now moving again towards a future riddled with uncertainty. The Summits had begun work on several new projects and had completed some of them. 'I wonder if the High Court will ever be consulted.' Revenge paced around on the mountaintop, admiring the view below and around him. The High Court hadn't seen daylight since former Consul Timbal's creation of it (originally known as the Senate). 'No time to dilly dally and think of things like that,' he thought as his mind reverted back to the image of a giant stack of papers on his desk. 'Well, as long as I'm up here, I ought to go ahead and do something...' Pulling out a piece of paper and pen from the interior of his robes, he began to write...


Just to let all the members of Drynwyn's Flame know, I am now recording everything members have done in, essentially, an activity ledger. That means I am noting everything you have done ever since you have joined Drynwyn's Flame. So, please CC me for all competition entries (even if it says to only submit to the some person). Also, I am still accepting applications for the newly implemented Battle Team positions. You can either contact me on IRC or via email. I will be accepting applications until the 15th of October, or the members of the Battle Team who did not apply will be personally contacted and will have the last say to what positions they want. Also note that I am still accepting applications on joining Drynwyn's Flame from members in House Acclivis Draco.


As most members should know by now, our Clan Summit will be implementing a Clan Merit system that is based almost entirely on participation in competitions, gaming events and stuff like that. Of course, the system is now only a "beta" version, meaning that it is not fully developed as of yet. I encourage all the members to partake in this system and find any flaws that may be in it and report them to the designated individuals who would be able to take care of it. Although there is quite a lot of controversy over several aspects of this system, I believe that it can work out if everyone helps. As members of Drynwyn's Flame, we were once the elite members of the House and we were able to help our House in times of trouble and when we were called upon specifically to complete and/or help out on projects or help newer members. It is now the time to rise and help out our Summit even if you don't like it because it would essentially be for the good of the Clan and its members. If you can't figure out a way to help, try asking me and/or the House and/or the Clan Summits. We'll find something you can do. ;)


KAP RevengeX Palpatine ([Log in to view e-mail addresses] ):

-Awarded Cluster of Fire x18

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DJM Nathaniel ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]):

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KPN Cuchulain Darkblade Palpatine ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]):

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KE Timbal Palpatine ( [Log in to view e-mail addresses]):

KP Exodius ( [Log in to view e-mail addresses]):

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KP Uzbad Zol Tamalar ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]):

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GRD Libra Tzo ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]):

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PRT Krayn Cotelin ( [Log in to view e-mail addresses]):



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I wanna bowl with... the gangsters...


"You must lose a fly to catch a trout."

-George Herbert (1593 - 1633)

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