Krath Tetrarch Report


Krath Tetrarch Report

Horsemen of the Apocalypse Report #20

The Horsemen who were with Dark Jedi knight Baron Zarco in Cho-Kirai did not receive this transmission for they were well aware of the Phyle’s activities. All others’ communicator’s chimed indicating another burst transmission from Zarco in the field.

“Greetings. The mission is in its third week. Ricco, Sorrow, Al’Meda and I have entered the city of Cho-Kirai posing at bounty hunters with sentient cargo we captured on the steppes of Marlesta. We are going to establish a temporary base within Cho-Kirai and effect our plan to capture Professor Vranz Manteel. In the process, we hope to eliminate the Jedi who are interested in him as well.”

“In the course of our efforts our efforts Al”Meda has been field promoted up through Protector. Further, for efforts in our endeavors here on Marlesta additional medals have been earned by the three on this mission with me. Sorrow received a Crescent with emerald Star. Al’Meda received crescent with Topaz star. Ricco received a Crescent with Quartz star.”

“s always, if I have been remiss in recounting the accomplishments and efforts of any Horseman, please advse.”

“I will tell you now that week four of the Assault on Cho-Kirai may not be the last week. Due to our efforts being sklow at the outset, I will extend the competitionand mission week if the efforts this week merit it.”

“Zarco out.”

OOC: Here is the link for the run-on “Assault of Cho-Kirai”

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