Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

Quaestor Report

September 30th 2006

22:30, EST


Alright, this week we have completed the AWOL check. We were rid of a lot of dead weight, so that is good. While this brings us down to a smaller number, lets be reminded that its not the size that matter but the way you use it. Er... I mean to how active you remaining soldiers are.

Where Was the Quaestor?

Now, I've heard some of you have complained this past week that I was not available. I appologize for that, I was sick for a few days and that knocked back some important work at my job, thus I had to focus on that for several more days. No I'm not slacking, no I'm not stepping down, and ask what's going on next time, instead of bitching and moaning about it. Not one of you has emailed me to see what's going on. I told Ras and Braecen what was going on earlier this week and it seems they failed to tell people I was sick. Next time, I'll make sure to make it more publically obvious that I'm having some trouble IRL.


Several competitions are ending today, and several new ones will be started in the upcoming days / weeks. You are expected to participate and show some activity. While you were smart enough to answer to the AWOL check, it doesn't mean that you can slouch back and enjoy clan profits without participating. We're watching over your activities and participation level, and note that you can still enjoy a nice trip to rogue if you're a slacker.

Now, done with the ranting, here is a quick heads up. If you don't have a good idea and information layed out about your characters (History, looks, possessions, etc.) get to doing so because an upcoming competition will involve it. The competition should start within a few days, and realize that it is a short and easy one, thus I expect everyone to take part. The serious and most original entries will be winning.

Concerning Comedy, Squirrels and Cats

I will be putting together a list of rules and guidelines to what is acceptable for use in serious fiction and more importantly in serious clan/house run-ons. I mentioned it in an earlier report. It does not take much for one member to ruin a clan-effort competition entry with one silly post. So we will be setting up ground rules to fix such problems.

I would, as I usually do on irc, urge you all to realize that we are in a star wars club, more importantly a dark jedi club (we're supposed to be evil) and not in a petting zoo. While we are indeed the clan with animal affinity, please think before using something in an important and serious competition. Weight the pros and cons of your using it.

Example, while Colonel Earnie or whatever his name is, is a comical clan figure, using it in a serious db wide competition is pretty much asking for a poor grading. Most people are not versed with knowledge over this stuff, and is down right silly. Lets not be the laughing stock of this club, shall we?

Also realize that while I obviously do not disapprove or ban the use of animals, poor use of animals (including silly names) will be graded as fitting in any competitions I handle.


As always I urge you all to email me anytime you feel something is not right. If you feel something needs changing, or something could simply be enhanced, I'm all ears. Always remember that we are all in this club to have fun, this is not a job or a career. Don't ever late it degrade or be an obstacle in your real life.

Dark Side Adept Cyris Oscura

Quaestor of House Acclivis Draco

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