Aedile Report


Aedile Report

If you're wondering why my report number is lower then Zarco's when Chaos and I have been around longer then him it's because I lost count and took the number from the reports that Chaos and I had posted on Oh well, life goes on.

Brotherhood News:

Smoke has stepped down from Gaming Tribune and Jac and Goat are taking applications to find his replacment. If you want to apply for the position you have untill 11:59 EST on October 3rd to get them in. The requirments for the position can be found here:

The Herald sent in a report. You can see it here:

Clan News:

Tally results are in! Here's the winners:

Best Krath: Alanna

Best Obelisk: Duga

Best Sith: Crix (yes, I know I pwn =P)

Best Dark Jedi: Duga

Best Leader: Duga

Best Newcomer: Ricco Vao

Most Dedicated: Alanna

Most Active: Ricco

People's Choice: Alanna

If you'll notice, everyone who won a Tally was either in Ekky or was Duga. Only one conclusion can be made from this: Ekky rocks.

The AWOL check results have been sent into the MAA, those who didn't reply should be sent to rogues soon.

We should be getting our GJW awards very soon

House News:

Things are going along pretty normally, activity almost always slows down after a GJW or other large comp. People need to take a rest after kicking so much ass. We do have a few small and easy comps lined up to keep everyone working a little (and most of you need to participate in comps for your promos, it'd be really mean of Chaos and I to not supply you with the comps that you need).


Random words: Use the words Ice Cream, Gun, Snowflake, Lightening and Disco in a short (1 page or less) story. Highlite or underline the words in the story, they may be used more then once but they all have to be in it. Send entries to lannie at lady.alanna[at]binternet[dot]com by Oct. 7th. Make the stories funny!

The October Monthly Topics should be out in a few days, watch the news page for them.


Novice Al'Meda Zarco to Acolyte

I have a few promotion requests that haven't been approved yet. If you're due a promotion (and we know about it) but it isn't here don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you.


DJK Baron Zarco: SI, Cr-Q

JH Hel-Pa Sklib: CFx49, Cr-T

PRT Sorrow: Cr-Ex2, Cr-S

ACO Al'Meda Zarco: Cr-T, CR-Q

DJK Alanna Taldrya:LS

DJK Ricco Vao: CR-T

Again, there are a few medal reccs from the house still pending so if you're due one and it isn't on the list don't worry about it yet


APP darth singel: SA to Ektrosis

APP brandon: SA to Ektrosis

KP Lena Gaiton: Ektrosis to CP

The Final Word:

Overall, I'm very happy with how Ektrosis is working. It has always been a great house, stretching back to when I first joined the clan 5 years ago, but we've taken huge leaps in the last year. A major part of that is due to how much we're focusing on helping new members and providing them with opertunities to get involved and get promoted. You guys voted for Alanna for Most Dedicated so you know what she does for the house (and the clan too), but Chaos and I are the only ones who see every email that she sends out and every question that she answers. It's amazing to see how much work she does on a very small scale. She doesn't work on huge projects that everyone sees the direct result of but she still has a huge impact on the house and clan in the form of well educated, dedicated members who are active and interested. Alanna more then earned the Most Dedicated award.

Congrads, Lannie.


Battlelord Taku "Crix" Matsuki Taldrya

Son of Taldryan

Aedile of House Ektrosis of Taldryan

Magistrate to the Deputy Grand Master

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