Aedile Report


Aedile Report

-The Calm Before The Storm

-What's Happening?


-The Wolf's Den

The Calm Before the Storm:

Well, so far there's not been a lot going on. We're still waiting for our ship to come in and I'm hoping for a VSD underneath my X-Mas Tree. :-P. The Clan Feud is working itself out, (I honestly don't know how it's going so I'm this part. :-P). What I do know is that it'll rock and I want to kick some arse. <3 HMR and HLK.

So... enjoy the quiet for now. Heh.

What's Happening?:


-Promoted to Novice!!

-Passed Alchemy Basics

-Passed Marksmanship

-Passed History of Sith History I

-Passed Pre-Republic History

-Passed Obelisk CORE

-Promoted to Acolyte!!

-Passed Training Saber Course


-Received Cluster of Fire x9


-Promoted to Neophyte in the ACC!!

-Received Crescent with Topaz Star

-Received Cluster of Fire

-Received Crescent of Emerald Star

Derevko Niroth

-Received Legion of the Scholar x2


-Joined House Marka Ragnos!


-Joined House Marka Ragnos!


-Joined House Marka Ragnos!

Draco Barakis

-Joined House Marka Ragnos!

-Passed Alchemy Basics

-Passed Training Saber Course


We have the Trivia Competition going on by your very own HMR QUA, as well as a BTL Feud in HLK for those positions. If that interests ya, take a look and try them out.

The Smarted Black Guard for HLK's Quaestor

Even Manesh has something going on. Take advantage of it and impress t3h CON. :-P.

The Wolf's Den:

Alrighty. I'm gonna have two parts for this thing so bear with me. Heh. Everyone wants TMX... and I just wanna shoot him. It's the new Tickle Me Elmo, and as an Associate in Wal-Mart, I have received 120+ calls about those things in 2 weeks. Crazy. Tuesday. That's the day I will have cash in hand and visit a dealership to buy a car of sweetness. Let's just hope they still have the one I've had my eyes on. Also, I will end up training new employees starting October 13th, considering I will be the sorat 2nd in Command of the Toy Department. Sounds pretty lame, huh? Thought so. :-P

Here's the second part. Fun, to me, is any activity that relaxes, excites, and brings a positive reaction towards an individual. Right now, I'm not having fun. If you TRULY know me, I like to kick back, joke around, and have fun. When I'm in a good mood, I try my best to bring the fun to everyone. I've noticed that I've been arguing more, feeling more depressed, and that sucks more balls than a vacuum cleaner in the middle of a ball pit. (Crappy analogy, I know. :-P) So, I figured that I would take a break, have some fun here in the real world, and come back refreshed and in time to help out HMR kick some arse. I'll be on every now and then, but don't expect me to be extremely active during those weeks. You guys know that if ya wanna talk to me or need to talk to me, I'm here for youse guys, ANYTIME. Here's to CNS and to true friends. You guys know who ya are. :-D

:: downs his sake ::

Sorry for the Goat-sized report, but I hope youse guys enjoyed it. Peace out and see ya in Margaritaville!!

Shikyo "Rurouni" Keibatsu

-Aedile of House Marka Ragnos

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