Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report

Wow, it has been a long time since I posted one of these. I apologize for that; I should have been doing these more often, because otherwise the SA turns in to a mysterious, dark part of the Brotherhood, and we won’t have that. So, here’s how things are shaping up in the SA; oh, and if you’re in a rush, there’s a summary at the bottom.

E-mail Troubles:

There are actually two things I want to discuss here. First off, pretty much anyone with a Hotmail address is going to run into trouble. Hotmail has decided that it doesn’t like the Brotherhood’s auto-generated e-mails, and is denying their delivery. Eclectic Pedagogues have already been made aware of this, and those with Hotmail addresses are checking (or should be) manually for course submissions.

However, this means that if you have a Hotmail address, you are not likely going to get a passing or failing notice. If you don’t get anything, please check your dossier. If you don’t see the course there, e-mail the EP or me and ask. I keep all passings and failings on record.

New Courses

There are some new courses still under development, though a couple of them are getting close to completion. I just sent one to Jac and Xanos for final review earlier this evening. This brings me to another point, though.

*Starting today (October 1, 2006), I am placing a moratorium on new course proposals. * Why am I doing this? There are a few reasons.

•First, it will allow me to concentrate on the courses currently under development.

•Secondly, this time of the year gets a bit busier for me at school, with mid-terms next week and plenty of papers due in the next month or so

•Third, I need the time to focus on completing Project: Fictional Reality (see below for details on that).

•Fourth, there are two other projects that I want to work on. One is a reworking of the three Core exams; the second involves clan history courses.

•Finally, there is no set time for this moratorium, but I will announce when it is over. Until then, the Course Proposal Guidelines will be updated with a notice that I’m not accepting any new course proposals. If you submit one at this time, I will remind you about the moratorium, and then ignore your e-mail.

Fictional Reality

Okay, I never really went into a lot of detail on this before, but this was a project that actually started awhile ago. The goal is to give the Shadow Academy a more fictional grounding, rather than just having the Academy be a place you go and take some random tests. Parts of the project include fictional introductions for all courses, job descriptions for SA positions, a map and physical description of the Shadow Academy itself, and a description of Lyspair, the moon the Shadow Academy is on.

The goal is to have the paper work part of the project finished by the end of October and then get everything up on the SA site as soon as possible.

A final note. . .

If you’re having trouble with ANY member of the Shadow Academy staff, please let me know. Everyone from the Praetor to the EPs to the Envoys, they all fall under my management. Now, I want to add that this is only if you’re having trouble with an SA related manner. If, for example, you fail an SA exam, the EP was demeaning and mocking you, then let me know. If you have a problem outside the SA with an SA staff member, then contact that person’s superior in their house/clan. For example, if you get into a dispute with someone over a JA match, I am NOT the person to go to, at least not first.


1.Hotmail is giving us trouble. There’s nothing we can do about it. Sorry.

2.New courses are on their way. Two are pretty close to being completed.

3.No new course proposals are being accepted until further notice.

4.SA fictional info is being worked on.

5.Got an SA related problem? Let me know. I can’t do anything if I don’t know about it.

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