Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

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Oriens Obscurum Quaestor Report #6

22, October, 2006 </td> </tr> <tr> <td id="titles" align="center">::QUA/OP Rade Tamalar Reporting::</td></tr> <tr> <td id="text" align="center">

Oriens Obscurum Roster

Arcona Roster

Darkness, the eternal Dark Side incarnate!


First of all, sorry this is a day late...I've had 3 days of non-stop stuff to do, so yeah......:(. Anyway: Hey everyone, so

how's life? :) I've been fairly the busy person this last week with several RL things, so the AWOL check was delayed for a

few days. However, it is sent off and I've got many replies - this is very awesome! :) You guys have 10 days from when I sent

them (roughly Tuesday or Wednesday of a week from now) to reply, so please do. Aside from the AWOL check, Bas Tyra vs.

Soulfire continues, and this week will see me emailing several things to the list. :) EVeryone, keep having fun, and please

stay in contact. :)


General News

  • Gaming Staff openings close tonight, so get the apps in fast! :)

<li>Astronomy SA Course is released, so there's another one. :P</li>

<li>The SIT is ON!!!!!!!!! Arcona has a bunch of qualifiers, so have fun! :D</li> <li>Koskian is BACK, and his new AED is Lucius! ¬_¬ :P</li> <li>Jacs Really Dumb Competition is still running, so have fun with that, if that's cool. ;)</li> <li>Karel is the new wtfpwnj00butnotVen ICTE Tribune, so congrats, m8! :P</li>

Oriens Obscurum News

  • Our AED, Odin, is temporarily away from his duties so that he can examine his RL health, which I hope he'll be back in a

day or two - Alex is Acting Aedile.

  • We are still taking Surveys, so please send them in to us.

  • Bas Tyra vs. Soulfire still goes on, and as of it's extension, the pressure rises....and Karel still sucks (<3)...


  • The AWOL check is ON..wh00t! :) I've had many replies, and that's great, so keep them coming. :)

  • The VoDs for this week are Fionn (1st), Odin Vaaj (2nd), and Alex d'Tana (3rd), because they have done a lot this week,

so great work! Medals = recced! :D

  • My two competitions: Bi Weekly Fiction, and Me Loving CFs still run, still. :) I haven't gotten anything for the Fiction

(topic is the escalating tension between Galeres and our House), so please try to send something in.

Standing Orders

  1. Give us a little contact, please. :D

<li>Do something fun, and you better enjoy it! :D </li>
<li>Make sure if you have an idea, we know about it! :D </li>
<li>Have a fun time! :D</li>



  • Competitions: They happen weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. If you can do

something there, please do. ;) House and BT competitions also work great, it shows your support for what we're trying to

accomplish. ;)

<li>Communication: IRC is fun, we are fun, you are fun, we're all fun - so, we love to chat, please get on and talk up a

storm! :P </li>
<li>ICTE: The ICTE has a new Tribune...KAREL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) He's running it, so check out it's coolness

sometime. :) </li>
<li>General Stuff: Your average game/acc matches played means you're doing something, and that is great, so make

sure you have your fun! :D</li>


I will from now on not include this in my report - primarily because Odin sends out a Competitions Communique(jo) every week.


Medal Report


Odin Vaaj x18

Qu-Le Brog x3

Fionn x1

Gamers....gotta love 'em! :)

Promotions Report

Fionn = T3h ACO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Education Report

Nefarious - ISET

Drodik - Krath Poetry

Fionn - Leadership Applications, Lightsaber Studies, Alchemy Basics, History of the Sith Empire 1, Sith CORE, Conflict

Mediation, Pre-Republic History

Scyrone - HTML Basics

Antei Combat Centre

Numero None? :P

Transfers Report


Kalani Jay

Kama Adri'tya



mythic dawn

Welcome!! :D




You guys will always be the best, because I say so, so there! :) Keep odin in your thoughts so that he'll get things sorted

out well and be back very soon, too. :P We can't let him have too much freedom......muahahahahahahaha. :) Anyway.....:P

Locutov aka Fionn....well done! Have a great week, guys!

</td> </tr> <tr> <td id="titles" align="center">::: In Dark Service :::</td> </tr> <tr> <td id="text" align="center">


**OP Rade "Venquis" Tamalar

Oriens Obscurum Quaestor**

:::!Darkness Forever!:::

</td> </tr> <tr> <td id="titles" align="center">::: House Oriens Obscurum, Clan Arcona, Dark Jedi Brotherhood :::</td> </tr> </table>

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