Gaming Tribune Report


Gaming Tribune Report

Hey everyone, and welcome to my first report as Gaming Tribune! :)

These reports will be released on every Monday after the Sunday Invitational Tournament, so that I may announce the results and all that fun stuff. :)

News and Stuff

-I have selected two new Gaming Staff, congratulate SBM Aabsdu, and DA Korras - both of them were the most qualified and I thank everyone who applied. :)

-A concrete list of projects for my Office will be worked out and finalized over this next period of time so that I may consult my entire Staff, and to ensure that Jac and Goat are in on this awesomeness, so it's coming. :)

-I am presently talking with someone to work on a Gaming Tribune website - here will contain all the information you'll need to know, and that's good for everyone, I hope. :P

This report will be somewhat short, at this time, however with projects being laid out, it will become longer and hopefully more eye-appealing. :)

Individual Placings

1st Place TIE (CR-A): DA Manesh Sadow (3-0 Record)

1st Place TIE (CR-A): SW Schisca Azytzeen (3-0 Record)

2nd Place (CR-S): SBL Talon Jade (2-0 Record)

3rd Place (CR-E): SW Horus Blackheart (0-5 Record)

4th Place (CR-T): DJK Rasilvenaira StormRaven (0-3 Record)

5th Place (CR-Q): None

SIT Results


ARCONA (1935 + 0 = 1935)


NAGA SADOW (1796 + 13 = 1809)

Manesh Sadow: 3

Horus Blackheart: 5

Schisca Azytzeen: 3

Talon Jade: 2

PLAGUEIS (1008 + 0 = 1008)


SCHOLAE PALATINAE (2103 + 3 = 2106)

Rasilvenaira: 3

TALDRYAN (2140 + 0 = 2140)


TARENTUM (2231 + 0 = 2231)


Fantastic appearance by Naga Sadow, especially by their daring Consul....:P Keep fighting guys, because you can spend the points. :)

Please bring any concerns or questions to me or my Staff.....:P

Have a great week, and game like crazy! :)


OP Rade "Venquis" Tamalar

Gaming Tribune

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