Quaestor Report


Quaestor Report

HLK QUA Report 28th October 2006

Malisane and Macron sat beside the fire, drinking from hip flasks and watching the Sith Ewoks scurry about the village, battling with each other, and cooking and drinking themselves. An ewok wandered over and deposited a hunk of meat first in front of his chief, and then one each in front of the two Sith.

"What is this?" Malisane asked curiously.

Macron sniffed it, then ran a scanner over it slowly. "Well from the scanner results I'd guess its roasted Talydran trooper."

Malisane nodded quietly. "Well I had a large lunch I might skip it."

"Me too." Macron said with a grin.

An ewok approached, bowed, a strange gesture from the furry black creature, and deposited a message pod it in the hand of the Aedile. "Odd, who knows you're here?" Macron asked.

Malisane opened it and read the message. "Its from the Consul," he said with a frown, "The Grandmaster has appointed Sildrin as Seneshal, I've been ordered to return to Sepros to be sworn in as Quaestor."

"Hey congrats man!" Macron said with a grin.

Malisane stood up. "We'd better go."

Suddenly the ewok returned, pointing at the horizon and chittering in its own language.

"What did he say?" Malisane asked.

Macron shrugged . "He said there's a storm coming."

The new Quaestor nodded, staring out into the night, "I know."

Hiya one and all!

If you don't read your emails or the main news on the site, or in fact the brief fiction above, in which case lets face it you're not going to read this either, our very own Quaestor Sildrin "Xia Long" Sadow has been appointed to the Dark Council and that makes me your new QUA.

Firstly I'd like to say congrats to Sildrin and also that its been a pleasure working with her over the past six and a bit months. Between her and Macron I appreciate I've got a lot to live up to as QUA and I'll do my best.

First business of the day, I need an Aedile. I'm opening this up to applications between now and Thursday 2nd November so get writing. Email your applications to myself [Log in to view e-mail addresses] copying in Manesh and Kat. I want good applications, stuff like "ME WANT AED ME ROCK!" isn't likely to get you very far. There is a leadership applications course in the SA, if you've never seen it have a look it gives good advice. Odds are if you're applying for Aedile i know you by now anyway but tell me a bit about you anyway and what you want to do as AED.

I'm setting a minimum rank of JH for this, and as a general person spec ideally you'll be an active member, reasonable range of skills, have a good IRC presence, fast email response time and most importantly you get on well with people and don't spend half your life in rows. If you think that applies to you send me an application by this coming Thursday.

As a brief job outline, you'll be responsible for maintaining the activity lists, watching the roster and awarding journeyman promotions and medals, helping me design competitions, and going to the conclave once a month armed with knowledge of our House members and helping decide what rewards they need, and anything else that crops up from time to time, in particular helping us win the House Feud.

Thats about all from me for now, as Quaestor I'm on IRC a lot, I read my emails usually within an hour of getting them, so if you've got a question or problem, if no one else can help you, and if you can find me (not that hard see above) then why not ask, your Quaestor!

Malisane de Ath

Quaestor of Ludo Kressh

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