Headmaster Report


Headmaster Report


Well, since my last report, there has been some changes in the Shadow Academy. First off, a bit belated, but Aticus Jade has been selected as the new Sith Core EP. There was a tiny pool of applicants, and the decision was a tough one, but only one could be chosen.

In another change, Dranik will be taking over as Praetor. I’m not going to go into details for the change. Suffice to say, there were reasons, the choice has been made, and business will continue as normal.

SA Comp Update

The comp is still going on. I intentionally started this one a bit later than the last one. We’re about 70 exams short of 2000 right now. So, keep going and you might just get something shiny…


<p>The SA IRC channel does have X back; I’m now the channel manager. This is important because you need this channel to do the IRC Ops course. The fun part, though, is to keep the channel running. I’m trying to get on at least every other day, but I can use all the help I can get (speaking of which, thanks to those who helped reregister the channel). So, first off, you are more than welcome to be in there. It can also serve as a place to ask questions about SA matters.</p>

<p> But, in order to help keep the channel registered, we’re going to start having weekly (or as often as possible) trivia events, much like we used to do in #db after the meetings (which we no longer have). I’ll start it off this Saturday at 1:00 EST. From there, someone from the SA staff will host these events.</p>

Fictional Reality

<p>The final document has been sent off to Jac and Xanos for review. I’m hoping to eventually get it up looking like a datapad, but we’ll probably start with just HTML and some webpages.</p>

Further improvements

<p> After Fictional reality is finished, I’m turning my attention to getting the Core exams updated and aligned with how things are today. Along these lines, though, if you ever find a broken link, or something wrong with a course, e-mail the EP, Dranik, and myself. EPs are charged with the upkeep of their exams, but I know (speaking as one myself) that you simply don’t check the course all the time. If it worked yesterday, it should work today.</p>

<p>I know a few courses have some outdated info; we’re getting to it as we can. I don’t jump into to much because I don’t want to get further behind simply because I’m trying to get ahead.</p>

Writer’s Corner…

<p> I admit one thing: I haven’t submitted a couple DSS requests, yet. But, that’s my fault, and I’m going to do it tonight. But, a reminder that the Writer’s Corner is open. Due to my schedule with school work and other things, I haven’t been able to read through anything, yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

There is one thing I wanted to mention, though, and that is that, as long as your story meets the qualifications for the Advanced Test of Wisdom, you are free to submit it for the course, too.</p>


•Dranik is the new Praetor

•SA comp still going on

•#shadowacademy registered again; trivia events coming

•Fictional Reality nearing completion

•SA is a work in progress

•Writer’s Corner is working properly

Forgot to add this, but judging by the poll, .doc and .pdf course note formats are going away.

There's also a new poll up; your participation is encouraged, and very much appreicated (because remember, I don't have to do this :P )

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