Rollmaster Report


Rollmaster Report

Rollmaster/Compagnion Class Envoy Report

Master/Student Program

Current pairings:

Dark Jedi Knight Impetus and Jedi Hunter Cethgus

Dark Jedi Knight Impetus and Jedi Hunter Malaki

Templar Phantom Mandalore and Jedi Hunter Cornix

Epis Braecen Kunar and Guardian Gavan

Epis Braecen Kunar and Jedi Hunter Prajna Berkana

Pontifex Cuchulain and Guardian Libra Tzo

Pontifex Cuchulain and Novice Cor-Ben Ackshe

Dark Jedi Knight Rasilvenaira StormRaven and Guardian Corin Liwaen

Dark Jedi Knight Rasilvenaira StormRaven and Guardian Arturius Tyr Klee

Battlelord Vally Tamalar and Acolyte Val’kyr

Battlelord Vally Tamalar and Acolyte Aranas

Dark Jedi Knight Ood Bnar and Jedi Hunter Zeron

SW Thran Occasus and Protector Ansus "Shadowchild" Argetlam

_Potential Masters: _

Maximus Raidoner Mandalore

Dakari Tamalar

Uzbad Zol Tamalar

Potential Students:

Norrik Karn

People interested in joining the Master/student Program, talk to me on IRC or mail me.


PRT Kel Tavik:

Legion of the Scholar

Dark Side Scroll

KAP RevengeX Palpatine:

Legion of the Scholar

DJK Rasilvenaira Stormraven:

Cluster of Fire x13

Roster Changes

PRT Brijha Mortashka has left us and went to rogue

APP Kendo Mast has joined Acclivis Draco, welcome him when you meet him


NOV Norrik Karn, from APP

NOV Kenzy Vadah, from APP

Shadow Academy

PRT Ansus "Shadowchild" Argetlam:

Conflict Mediation

DJK Ood Bnar:


SBM Dakari:

Astronomy (a perfect score)

PRT Kel Tavik:

Advanced Poetry

House roster

Our house stands at 37

129 Dark Jedi Master Nathaniel

3153 Pontifex Cuchulain Darkblade Palpatine

3155 Epis Timbal Palpatine

236 Archpriest Adam Anderson

288 Archpriest Rhaub D'ar Aghasett Palpatine

3491 Archpriest RevengeX Palpatine

4601 Battlemaster Dakari

1845 Priest Exodius

4438 Priest Uzbad Zol Tamalar

6390 Priest Siyavash Kaida

4855 Warrior Aerick Executus Harbinger

5101 Warrior Thran Occasus

3317 Dark Jedi Knight Ood Bnar

4835 Dark Jedi Knight Korbin

7370 Dark Jedi Knight Rasilvenaira StormRaven

5540 Jedi Hunter Cornix

6041 Jedi Hunter Laurus

7487 Guardian Libra Tzo

7610 Guardian gavan

8081 Protector Ansus "Shadowchild" Argetlam

8149 Protector Kel Tavik

7116 Acolyte opacus

7946 Acolyte Dorn Velvok

8150 Acolyte T. Jethro Gibbs

7933 Novice Cor-Ben Ackshe

8052 Novice Selene Blackwell

8059 Novice Spike

8165 Novice Kenzy Vadah

8199 Novice Norrik Karn

8010 Apprentice Echilon

8024 Apprentice Durza Deathdawn

8037 Apprentice Nebora

8103 Apprentice Zaroth

8116 Apprentice Kai Casshern

8133 Apprentice Revan Kal Ha`Kin

8143 Apprentice Exar Qel-Droma

8184 Apprentice Dessia

If I forgot anything then don’t hesitate to mail me about it.

In Darkness,

Ood Bnar

DJK Ood Bnar (Krath)/RM-EP/Acclivis Draco of Scholae Palatinae [KSOE: ENV] [ACC: CL:1]

SC / StA-QL / DC-KC / (GN) / (BNB) / Cr-1A-2S-1E-1T / LSAu / DSS / S:-10D

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